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Thread: Old setting, New faces

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    Old setting, New faces

    Not that new faces are a bad thing, yeah?

    Just wanted to stop in, say hi. I used to write on Isshindensetsu/Amalgam, left for a while, came back here to access the archives that you all saved (like the beautiful people that you are) for personal reference, but then I figured I'd see if the place was still alive and well. Figure if I'm going to be lurking, the least I can do is stop in for a word.

    So yeah. If this place is still active, then nice to meet you all.~
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    Unfortunately, you seem to have dropped by right as Halcyon Days was, by and large, ending.

    At the moment, most of the attention of the RP has shifted to its spiritual successor: Post Terminus. The RP takes place in an original setting with original characters, and is currently rounding on its fourth week of writing.

    Halcyon Days isn't closed, but it's currently known that the GMs for it have since moved their interests to Post Terminus. I'd definitely suggest checking it out, or at least popping into the AIM chat to say hi to any familiar faces you might recognize.

    The AIM chatroom is 'mangaden', and you can check out PT here: Click This!

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