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Thread: Week 342: Academy Days VII

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    Week 342: Academy Days VII

    Academy Days VII
    1015 Words

    Takes places after:
    Academy Days VI

    It was a bit of an awkward walk back for the Yoshishige heiress, her body pretty sore from having exerted so much power on her somewhat fragile body. Besides the more obvious reasons her father had given for not wanting his daughter to attend the Spiritual Arts Academy, there was one more pressing reason. A reason that made way more sense than any other reason Izanagi could ever hope to deliver himself.

    It was a reason she hated with every fiber of her being, but a reason she couldn’t discard just because she didn’t like it either. It was something she had to learn to live with, a feat that cost her seemingly more effort than anything else. After all, her body was never meant for fighting. Her physical stature, while not completely irregular to most other people, didn’t really help her case either.

    She was pretty small, although she didn’t want to hear it. Her height had nothing to do with what she was capable of, and that was the truth. She didn’t need to tower over anyone in order for them to feel the weight of her power. It was the inside of her body, the intricacies of her physique that caused complications for the young heiress. She tired quickly, despite having quite the capacity for long periods of training. It wasn’t generally that she got out of breath quickly, but that her body became sore rather fast.

    It made training decent, but the aftermath a nightmare, and today was no different. After her fight with the son of Akiyama Katsu she could feel her muscles burn from the strain. She’d overpowered him with all her might, but in return she was now facing the consequences of wanting to finish things quickly and cleanly. Casting her eyes upwards, she turned the corner and was soon halted by what seemed to be a couple of men around her age.

    “Hello,” the more ‘articulate’ of the three called out to her with a faint, yet devious smile. “We couldn’t help but notice that you’re here all alone. At night.”

    “Your point being?” Amaterasu countered, instinctively reaching for her blade.

    Though she was sure the three men weren’t the brightest, if they would even so much as pay attention to her they could see the slightly pained expression on her face as she placed her hand on her sheath. She really wasn’t in any condition to make quick work of this trio, but if it would come to it… she would rather go down fighting than go quietly.

    “My point,” the man continued, his black hair way too long for its own good, “is that we three are looking for some fun, and you seem like you’re not having fun yet either… so I figure you’ll join us for some… fun.”

    “I figure you’re an idiot,” Amaterasu spat back at him.

    “Oh, sassy, aren’t we?”

    Suddenly, one of the three guys grabbed her by her wrists. It was expected, but had she not been so preoccupied with her thoughts she probably wouldn’t have ended up kicking the guy in the balls as he did. She wasn’t sure what she would’ve done otherwise, but she figured she probably wouldn’t have done that… because that was just about as close to a death sentence as it got.

    “Get her,” the ‘leader’ yelled and, though the pain coursed through her body like it was nobody’s business, she drew her blade in one fluid motion.

    “Stay back!” Amaterasu countered, but she wasn’t really sure if it would actually make a damn difference whatsoever. The men were still advancing, obviously aware of the fact that she wasn’t really feeling too well. Was this really going to be it, though? Not without a fight at least!

    As she went to raise her blade, she heard the sound of one of the men yelling a bunch of cusswords. Turning to see what had happened, the blue-eyed woman was greeted by a familiar man and her attackers wallowing in pain with cuts and bruises all over their faces.

    “Akiyama Jirou,” Amaterasu said with more awe in her voice than she actually meant.

    “Yo,” the man responded with a big grin on his face.

    “Wha… what are you doing here?”

    “Well,” Jirou began, scratching the back of his head, “I would be a terrible person if I didn’t at least see you home, right? Dad said so too…”

    “He… what?”

    “When you knocked him out, it seems you knocked some sense back into that thick head of his. But, that’s beside the point. Were you really going to take these fuckers on by yourself?”

    “Wha… what do you… of course I was!”

    Shaking his head slightly, Jirou chuckled softly before letting his eyes meet hers again. “I could tell after our fight. Your body isn’t meant for this kind of abuse, is it?”

    “I…” Shaking her head she sheathed her blade again. “You’re not as unobservant as I thought, Akiyama-san. You’re correct. That still doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have fought them, though. I have my pride.”

    “That pride,” Jirou began, his voice surprisingly filled with anger, “is going to be the death of you one day, Amaterasu.”

    “Don’t you call me by that name so haphazardly, Akiyama!” Amaterasu spat with quite possibly more venom than Jirou had. “You may have saved me the hassle of having to tear my body further part, but that does not give you the right to be so familiar with me! You will address me as you and your kind should!”

    “Me and my…?” Jirou began, raising an eyebrow in the process for a bit before bursting into laughter. “Oh, of course, apologies milady.”

    “I… hmm, fine,” Amaterasu responded, her cheeks slightly flushed. “Now, if I recall correctly, you were taking me home.”

    “Oh, shifting the conversation elsewhere, eh? Fine with me, I don’t like the night anyway. Is it much further to your estate, Lady Yoshishige?”

    “Not that much farther,” Amaterasu said, not really picking up on Jirou obviously taking the piss with her.

    “All right, let’s go.”
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