Spoiler for Synopsis:
The sequel to Mell Mélange. Obviously.

Platine, the bounty hunter, is back. Now, she has a larger city to explore, some new skills and several new bounties in a new city to capture, each with massive gold rewards.

In the world, there are lots of problems that the police or the military find it tough to take care off, things that would require too much resources, or perhaps they just don't have the right tools for the job. That's there bounty hunters come in. The hunters will take care of those shifty and slippery criminals, those bad guys that are a cut above normal thuggery. Getting put on the bounty list is already confirmation of guilt, so no need to worry about pesky things such as evidence and proper procedure. Just stop them.

The bounties are ranked by color, and the most dangerous of which are ranked black, the Black Level Bounties. They are all powerful, wielding magic, powerful weapons or both. And they are all considered public menaces that must be stopped.

Guide Platine's adventures in trying to hunt down the most dangerous level of criminals. Seven of them have gathered in the county of Maize, and each one of them are dangerous individuals needed to be taken out. Explore the city and the surrounding towns for clues. Find items to solve puzzles. Discover the secret lairs of the Black Level Bounties. Finally, take them down for big money!

The game focuses an open-ended exploration as Platine searches for clues on the whereabouts of the dangerous criminals. To track them all down, she'll get help from the people, work through devious contraptions and certainly kick a lot of butt in intense boss fights. Though the targets may all be mass murderers this is a light-hearted game. Really. *Shifty eyes*

Note that this is just a test build. There will be bugs and possible unbalanced things. I would appreciate any feedback on things.


Spoiler for Gameplay:
-Open-ended exploration of the city and surrounding areas
-Finding clues and items
-Solving environment based puzzles
-Solving combat based puzzles
-Focus on one-on-one boss fights and being able to strategically overcome them
-Or call for backup and get less of a reward

Spoiler for Characters:


The main heroine. Her favorite pasttimes are geting money and beating people up, so bounty hunting was a natural thing for her. She has already put away 8 Black Level Bounties and is hungry for more. Armed with her trusty gun, she is ready to track down the 7 Black Level Bounties of Maize County, a much tougher group of individuals.

Black Level Bounty Iscia the Life Eater, 28000 G
Image not on file.
Iscia has never been seen in person. Some people doubt she even exists at all. She is a monster that is whispered in dreams. The people that is affliced with Iscia feel weak and lifeless. Eventually, they die from unknown causes. A new person then starts dreaming about the monster known as Iscia.

Black Level Bounty Haleh the Cultivator, 35000 G

The leader of a cult that targets those that are lonely and don't fit in. Their goals are completely unknown, but they are rumored to sacrifice to something. With powerful magics, Haleh has kept their base a secret. She is constantly searching for more members and more sacrifices.

Black Level Bounty No Told Kevaro, 35000 G

He is not violent, but that doesn't mean he isn't dangerous. Kevaro controls information that includes the secrets of people. He is blackmailing several powerful people and secretly controls many projects from behind the scenes. That is until a brave person leaked his information out. That person may be financially and socially destroyed, but Kevaro is now a target.

Black Level Bounty Kilometer Trexa, 44000 G

A professional assassin, he has over a hundred targets under his belt. It is rumored that his next target is somewhere in Maize County. He is relentless at hunting and has great accuracy over long ranges.

Black Level Bounty Blast Master Ain, 57000 G

An explosion maniac, her goal in life seems to be simply to cause destruction. Her favorite pasttimes include blowing stuff up. Her targets are usually things that would cause large impacts to daily life. Seeing the chaos of people scrambling around is like music to her ears.

Black Level Bounty Abominable Karalyn, 60000 G
Image not on file.
An extremely dangerous individual. She is merciless and wanders the world in a rage, killing everything that gets in her way. Few people have seen her and survived. Only the aftermath of her path can be clearly seen.

Black Level Bounty The Galactic Bird, 100000 G
Image not on file.
Extremely dangerous. Do not approach.
Extremely dangerous. Do not approach.

Spoiler for Screenshots:

For a party, of course.

Saving lives, of course.

Yep, standard battle system.


Ignore the background. That's just a testing event.

Sliding puzzle!

Sliding push puzzle! (You aren't sliding at that time)

99 of them, count it.

Bad things are happening.

Climbing on the giant tree.

Partial Credits
Spoiler for Credits:

For full credits, check in the download.

Modern Tiles, DLC
Futuristic Tiles, DLC
Samurai Tiles, DLC

Platine Picture
Haleh Battler, Haleh Wings
Karalyn Battler

Karalyn Portrait

Trexa face and sprite

Haleh face

Iscia face

Yanfly Skill Cost Manager, Monster Swap
Modern Algebra Message System

Spoiler for ???":
Have you counted 8 shaded figures in the title picture? Hmm?