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Thread: Fast guys and advent humans...

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    Fast guys and advent humans...

    My curiosity getting the better of me, I have decided to ask the following question. BUT FIRST, A BACKSTORY!

    So the end goal in terms of one of my dudes' stat development is to be really fast. And I mean like really, REALLY fast. as in, the fastest character in the universe by a very wide margin. Like Yoruichi on steroids. like, so fast he makes Inuzuri look like an obese Galapagos tortoise in speed comparison.

    Besides that and his persona, his abilities are pretty up for grabs. So I ask thee,

    Statistically speaking( or, on average, if you will), what is the fastest race in general?

    Also, are there any limitations or restrictions on the type of ability an advent human must have? I've got some cool ideas, but certain some of them would be approved. please elaborate.

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    It's not so much Inuzuri you have to worry about in speed as you have to worry about Nana. Iirc, Nana has about 50k out of 100k in speed.

    Good luck beating that.

    Anyhow, the fastest race wouldn't really be decided easily. Humans are still bound by human laws and physics, so while someone with Nana's 50k speed (Agility) might be incredibly fast, it's no shunpo. A shunpo is a near instant movement that brings you from point A to point B. And Quincy's, iirc, are still human and follow the same physics as Advents. But maybe not, I'm not sure.

    In my opinion, from what I've seen, you can count on no race to be faster, it depends on the person. An advent with speed close to Nana's, or faster, will be able to track her and keep up with her even. So it really depends on what you want; Roadrunner Human or Flash step.

    As to the ability thing, what do you mean? Their awakening (release form) or what they can do, like techniques such as Pierce and Salve?

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    Statistically, the fastest race are actually the Quincy. They have two dedicated movement-based stats (Namazan, focused on close-ranged evasion in the moment, and Douryuu, your standard movement stat)

    You can generally speak on two different terms when it comes to movement: natural movement and high-speed movement. Natural movement is just that, it's you running from one place to another. High-speed movement is done via techniques like shunpo or hirenkyaku which are more or less blinks (not teleportation, a key distinction).

    In terms of natural movement, nothing's faster than an Advent Human. They're focused around natural capabilities, and that includes speed. Just behind them would be Quincy, via their double dose of movement capabilities. Finally, you have shinigami and Vizards, who aren't slouches when it comes to natural movement but don't typically excel without a lot of experience or a marked advantage in their movement stat.

    High-speed movement is dominated by the Quincy. Hirenkyaku is faster than Shunpo, or Sonido. Sonido is faster than Shunpo, which puts Vizards capable of it at an edge, but Shunpo is still high-speed. Advent Humans are more or less powerless in terms of this without an extraneous ability, possessing no natural techniques for high-speed movement.

    As for being the fastest? That right is currently uncontested: Nana Amaterasu has 50,000 hohou, trumping even the next two highest people in terms of movement. Caleb Fletcher and Arano both possess upwards of 25,000 Agility, but are still a long distance behind Nana.

    EDIT: Advent Human Awakenings must be separated into two stages: Initial and True.

    An Initial Awakening must possess 2 abilities (usable at 0% Resonance) and 1 Resonance Attack (usable at 25% Resonance).

    A True Awakening must possess 3 abilities (usable at 50% Resonance) and 1 Overdrive Ability (usable at 100% Resonance)

    Using an Overdrive Ability must drain all Resonance upon or after use depending on the context of the ability.

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