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Thread: Two Steps: Plot Missions Summer 2014

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    Two Steps: Plot Missions Summer 2014


    "No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man."
    - Heraclitus

    Strange tidings on Earth are bringing stranger events to pass. The ambiguous figure known as The Architect has all but declared war upon the factions of Orpheus and Cerberus. Just beyond the fringe of humanity, shadowy figures in Soul Society begin to pluck the strings, the enigmatic Soushireikan of the Onmitsukido attempting to question a number of individuals on Earth.

    With the failure to apprehend the Architect during his attack on Tokyo, the current Brigadier General of Orpheus - Hideo Ueda - has deciphered his next move. However, there seems to be more to this individual than meets the eye. What secrets does he hide, and what are his ultimate motivations..?

    Earth moves to make pre-emptive attacks against the Architect, stymieing his objectives before they can take root!

    [Earth] Where Strides the Behemoth
    Orpheus Commander Hideo Ueda makes a shocking revelation regarding the identity of their enemy.

    [Earth] Crusher/Destroyer
    Masato Fujikawa rallies his allies, preparing them for a preemptive strike against their mysterious foe.

    [Earth] 9130KhZ
    Nenshou Mouko and her team attempt to retrieve the data string before the Architect can, but something seems amiss.

    [Earth] Derelict
    Masato Fujikawa's force attempts to undermine the Architect's plans by beating him to his next objective, but not all is what it seems...

    [1st] Developments
    The Onmitsukido reacts to the developments in the Living World, setting further reconnaissance into motion.
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    Halcyon Days is, and always has been, heavily reliant upon its userbase to thrive, and the enthusiasm and interest of our members is what has kept this place going strong for over 9 years running. As GMs, we always strive to bring forth plot that captures that enthusiasm and draws people in, to use that motivation as a driving force to push the RP forward. Sometimes we hit that mark right on the money... and sometimes we don't.

    Unfortunately, without the support and excitement of the community, the current PMs won't survive until the end. Already, what was hoped to conclude within two weeks has stretched on to two months -- and while that has happened before, it's usually been from a lack of communication or failing to hit an objective. This time, it seems to be simple disinterest.

    I apologize that we weren't able to capture your enthusiasm or get everyone fired up. Unfortunately, PMs can't be carried just by one or a few, and as such, for the first time ever, we must close the doors on PMs without a conclusion. The Two Steps Summer 2014 Plot Missions are suspended indefinitely, until and unless the community has a revived interest in finishing it. Actions taken during the introduction phase of these PMs can be considered non-canon if they interfere with your character development.

    Halcyon Days itself remains open, and will continue to do so.

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