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    Xia Foley

    Name: Xia Foley

    Contact Info: Skype- Demonic_kitty666

    Age: 19

    Physical Stature:
    Attachment 1061
    She stands at an average height of 5’7” and weighs 130 lbs. She is very athletically built, like that of a martial artist. Her hair is dark red with a long braided ponytail that stops at her lower back and her eyes are hazel. She has one distinct scar across the bridge of her nose. She has two different appearances a public one and a mission one. In her public appearance she has a variety of looks depending on how she feels that day. She can go looking like a punk rock star with everything torn to looking like an everyday girl with light makeup and her hair pulled into buns or pigtails. Her mission clothes consist of toe-bladed boots, a long and open coat, shorts, small shirt, and light metal shoulder pads. Sometimes she likes to wear weights around her wrists and ankles to give her more of a challenge.

    Xia loves dueling with others and loves to be challenged in both physical and mental battles. Although she prefers to do physical challenges she enjoys expanding her mind. She also enjoys fighting and learning while she fights to become stronger. When she fights she is always giving her all unless ordered otherwise. Her weapon of choice is her fists and legs. She is one that will fight till she passes out; never giving up until a winner is obvious. Xia is kind to those she first meet, if they are rude to her she is rude back and if they are friendly to her she is friendly back.

    She is never outwardly aggressive to others unless she thinks they deserve it. Xia has never been one for romance but she is still a woman and has feelings even if she doesn’t really show it. Unless ordered to otherwise Xia will never kill a person. She will beat them down but never strike the final blow.

    Her parents had a one night fling which resulted in Xia being conceived. Her mother, however, fell ill while she was pregnant with her and died while giving birth. The father took responsibility and took her in, naming her after her mother. Her Irish father was in the American military so while growing up she was very well disciplined. When she was young she was always watching Kung-Fu movies and documentaries about the many types of martial arts and decided then she wanted to learn it. Her father allowed her to be trained as he thought it would harden her and that someday she will join the military. Because they were stationed in China she grew up learning Kempo.

    Every four years, however, her dad had to be stationed in another country resulting in her moving a lot growing up. With each move she made less and less friends at school and seemed to get into a lot of unnecessary fights, which her father would punish her for. By the age of 16 she only fought those that were willing, trying to get stronger. She would always lose fights, sometimes she would win, and some had ended in draws, but she would never give up and always pushed forward to strengthen herself.

    At the age of 18 she went to sign up for the military but realized that it wasn’t the type of thing to suit her. She felt there was more of a challenge out in the world that the military couldn’t stand up to so she said her good-byes and apologies to her disappointed father and set off on her own. For a year she traveled about in Japan until she was recruited into Cerberus after an agent watched her take on three thugs. The agent saw the spiritual potential she possessed and assured her that Cerberus will give her what she wanted.

    Organization: Cerberus

    Reiatsu: 1,000
    Resonance: 0/500.
    Combat: 500
    Agility: 300
    Fortitude: 200
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