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Thread: A Sappy, Over the Top Holiday Message from Mewn

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    A Sappy, Over the Top Holiday Message from Mewn

    This is going to be embarrassingly sappy and saccharine but I guess you all can forgive me. I just want to say that I've been thinking a lot lately about HD and what it means to me. First of all, as a forum for creative writing and a chance to stretch my writing beyond what I do for a job, HD has been incredible. We have so much talent, creativity and desire to explore themes that go so far beyond what is on most anime-based roleplay forums and I am constantly amazed by the collection of writers we have here. I can't imagine writing for fun anywhere else.

    Secondly the community we've built and the sense of community we have just makes me feel great. We've become more than just words on a screen, I feel. There's a sense of connection and cohesion that is pretty impressive. I have a great deal of respect for the vast majority of people who are part of HD and I feel like you all deserve to know that you are remarkable human beings. There's such a range of intelligent, insightful and funny people here and I feel like my life has been immensely enriched by my contact with all of you. Thank you for being as amazing as you all are.

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    Oh gawd Mewn, you almost have me a heart-attack. I thought you were going to leave us!!

    Thank you as well Mewn, you are a great asset to this community and an even better friend!

    Yamamura Eiji
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    You so sappy, moon.

    But we all feel the same...

    ...well, most of us, I suppose.


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    'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through HD,
    Not an RPer was stirring -- especially Finny,
    The grades were posted with care and with thought,
    Though some felt slighted, too harsh with their lot.

    The writers were celebrating the holidays, you see,
    Why, even Raph and Will were both free,
    Both spammer and lurker had settled in cheer,
    For a moment, Ketch didn't even have Wayne to fear.

    When out in the boards, there arose such a cry,
    That I thought 'not more drama, I think I could die!'
    Into the forums I clicked in a flurry,
    Posts were being made, and in quite a hurry.

    No GM had posted, perhaps things moved too fast,
    I hoped not to take a stance, that I could outlast,
    When what to my wondering eyes should appear,
    But Moony, with good tidings for all who would hear!

    With simple words to appeal and a heartfelt message,
    Meant for both writers old and adolescent,
    Saccharine and idealistic, he wished all good will,
    Doubtless the words would mean something to Lil.

    Both newbs and oldies gave a sort of smile,
    Even Sev's cold heart was warmed for a while,
    No drama was had, there was peace for a moment,
    Then Raph made a dumb thing, to try and be a showman.

    This poem is for those who I write with and astride,
    Though my mannerisms make some cower and hide,
    Thank you all for your time, your patience and effort,
    I appreciate your writing, this constant endeavour.

    So I'll make myself scarce before I ramble too long,
    And thank you very much for reading along,
    I have but one thing to say, as I drift out of sight,
    "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"

    Oh and happy birthday Doc I guess.

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    The words of the Moon are true <3

    Nice poem Raph :3

    And I need to ask, is it really Doc's birthday or is he Jesus?

    Tabawara Udo
    Owner of the Least Predictable Zanpakutou

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    Back at you, Moon.

    And great poem, Raph.

    You guys are great!
    ~Halcyon Days Application Staff~

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    Wow, you guys! That was so sweet, both of you! I think we must have one of the best communities online, I just think, "wow, everyone here really cares about each other!" We have such a wonderful place here. We are all so different, but we come here at the end of the day and share a common love.

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