Welcome to the next round of voting for Halawards!

This time, we're doing the voting for the Out-of-Game Halawards. As before, use the Google Form below to submit your responses. After a few errors that led to editing the form last time, you will be allowed to edit your votes after you initially submit them. You will not, however, be able to submit more than one vote for each nomination. The deadline for submitting your votes will be December 7th, 11:59pm EST.

Form here: Click Me!

As before, we are re-opening certain nominations while this voting period is going on. The Superlative Awards are still open for nominations, guys! Get them in, we need it filled out more. They will remain open for nominations until the end of this voting period.

Superlative Awards: Click here!

Remember, you have until December 7th to get both your votes, and any Superlative nominations in! Get going!