On the old instance of Bleach Forums, I used to run a massive story-driven unstructured roleplay story called "Misty Moon Inn". I didn't start it, but it was sort of my adopted child. Those of you old BF veterans may remember it, along with such things as "Epic Spam War". Those were the days...
Anyways, as much as I'd like to resurrect Misty Moon Inn, I cannot. All the old story content is locked in a backup file that the admins cannot extract. In all honesty, it's probably better that I never bring it back. It was close to wrapping up anyways, and the power-leveling made Dragon Ball Z look like a fruit fly by comparison. Plus, the story was kind of repetitive. I want to try an original RP this time.
So here I am. I want to start a new RP. Like MMI, this RP will be unstructured and story-driven. If you ever want to make your character stronger, you must couple that with character development as well. Obviously, this means that fairly decent writing skills are required to do well here. However, I have no doubt that most of you fit that particular requirement. If you're a Halcyon Day RPer, this should be no problem.
There is no limit to how many characters you may have, but obviously you shouldn't have so many characters that you can't manage them all. While you can write about your character's background solo, it would be better if you have your character interact with others.

The two nations of Elysium and Andromeda have been at war for generations. The people of Elysium utilize technology and science, and believe that the Andromeda's arcane ways must be eliminated forever. The nation of Andromeda utilize elemental magic as their weapons, and hold to the belief that man must not transcend the gods, and fight Elysium to uphold this conviction.
The two nations are mostly stuck in stalemate. Neither have scored any major victory over the other for decades... however, that may soon change.

Character creation guideline
Your character must be somehow involved in the war between Elysium and Andromeda. Probably the military, but it's your call. It is probably worth mentioning that if one nation has a weapon or ability, there is an analogue for it in the other nation. Nobody has an advantage.

But don't go creating a character yet. This is just a concept I'm pitching. If you want this to go ahead, help me flesh out more details. I don't want to put too much effort into this if nobody is interested.