But then again, our group's barbarian is an archer of utter doom. He's got a level of alchemist as well, and a bow so massive that to pull it he needs to rage and imbibe his mutagen.

The events leading up to this fateful lesson was simple. We were investigating an outpost in an abandoned city. As we checked over the city on our way to the outpost, our swordsman found a dragon like serpent on the roof of one building. Rather, it found him. As the fight broke out, our swordsman had dealt a decent amount of damage to the 'dragon', when the creature grappled him, and started to fly off.

Our barbarian being a master archer drew back one of his arrows, to the average human these arrows would be called "javelins". Hitting the 'dragon' as it was speeding forward and away, he expected it to just fall to the ground. Instead the thing careened into a nearby building at full speed, effectively causing fall damage going sideways.

Our swordsman was just a tad upset at the barbarian because of that. Something about also taking fall damage. In our barbarian's defense, his shot did take the thing out.