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Thread: FFXIV:ARR -- Post your UI

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    FFXIV:ARR -- Post your UI

    Well here we go. I a curious to see how everyone else has their UI set up in the game.

    Currently SE has said they will not allow people to use third party mods, as most other games (i.e. WoW, SWTOR, RIFT, GW2) have allowed. Making it very difficult to get the UI to what you want with it. So who has been creative and worked around this flaw in the game?

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    in before, cluttered as fuck.

    Dont need 3rd party progs, the interface works fine, here is mine:

    Targetframe is in the middle above my bars (at around the breasts i would say, cough cough) Focus is at around the gift lower end, aggro and enemy window is above the focus. Will add a pic later on when i do coil or Crystal tower.

    ps, yes that is indeed the ahriman necklace, won one with a haiku i did (we had to do Haikus instead of the screenshot contest).

    Mitsu out, its getting late

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