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Thread: [8th] 295: Architecture and little girls

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    [8th] 295: Architecture and little girls

    A lone female figure strode slowly down the desolate, dusty streets of Japan after midnight; the girl’s blue ponytail and bangs shimmered in the sunlight, covering her sharp purple, almond shaped eyes into shadow. She wore a black belly shirt, under a black shadowy coat and hood, beneath that she wore a deep blue, pleated miniskirt over soft loose jeans. The coat she wore was torn and ripped, as if she had just walked out of a warzone and the rest of her clothes matched.

    That lonely girl’s name was Choko Kisarage, her startling appearance was attracting unwanted attention to her, and she was not enjoying herself at all. Her everything hurt and the tired girl had been walking for miles; and to top it all off: she was on her period this month and wasn’t exactly feeling well. The blue-haired girl was looking for work and a place to stay, preferably protection as well. But more specifically, she was looking for the infamous Cerberus cooperation. They were the supernatural police of the human world, and hopefully a safe haven.

    For you see most people couldn’t tell, but this girl was an Advent human, able to see the spirits of people passed, and hunted by the white-masked creatures known as hollows. She had been one as long as she could remember. But lately she was being attacked more and more often, most likely due to the stupid pink sword she carried on her back, which offered nothing but a means of protection, and bad directions. This ‘talking’ sword was a zanpakutou, apparently named heartbreaker given as a gift and charge, by a dying man clad in black. He had told her to take the blade, and give it to his son: Hikaru Miyazaki.

    A young man she traveled with for three years of her life, which had been taken away by another tall man in black carrying an extremely long and thin sword, just as she was deriving a conclusion. And now she feared she would never be able to keep her promise, worst of all. The Latina feared she'd be stuck with this ignoramus of a sword until she died.

    She mused over all of this as she walked, then crying out in another pang of pain, cramping girl stumbled and braced her against a wall sending her sword clattering to the floor. Owch! What was that for? heart breaker cried, spinning on the pavement, Watch your step butterfingers!

    Choko doubled over and held her abdomen, gritted her teeth, and glared at the sword, Oh, stop whining, you’re a sword. It’s not as if you have to deal with pain. she snapped, then picked up the zanpakutou and put the griping blade back into its sheath on her back; then she continued walking into the market looking for work.

    Eventually she came into a large building and met a young man with a suit holding a paper with the picture of a young girl on the front, “Excuse me sir have you seen my daughter?” he asked a passerby, who ignored him and walked off. “Ma’am have you seen my daughter anywhere?” he asked a jogging young woman, who also ignored him and ran off, “Anyone! Please, help me find my daughter!” he cried.

    Choko noticed him crying out for help, and against her better judgment went to go see what he was yelling about, “Sir, where is your daughter?” she asked softly.

    The man looked up at her with a crestfallen expression and explained his plight, stumbling over words, “I-I don’t know! She disappeared last night, carried away by some demon of some sort!” the poor man cried, she could see his glasses fogging up and his hair was scraggly and unkempt, as if he had just fallen out of bed.

    Nevertheless, his daughter needed help, and she was the closest thing he had to it. “I think I know what took your daughter,” The caramel girl said turning away, “So I’ll help you, on one condition.”

    Are you about to charge this old man for help? Isn’t that kind of low? Heartbreaker asked, mentally frowning at the slender girl.
    What? I need food and supplies to do it, that’s not even mentioning the period meds I need. Choko replied slyly trying to ignore the irritation she felt coming off the rosy blade, look, I won’t ask for anything more than I need, okay? Food, clothes, meds, and a little cash that’s all I need. the girl said, relenting.

    “Yes, yes of course anything you want! Name your price, just bring me back my daughter,” the slightly overweight man begged.

    “It’s not much,” She started, “I’ll just need some clothes, pain medication, cash, and a meal sir.” Choko replied pulling him to his feet, and then the now significantly brighter looking man led her to his home.

    All along the way, he chattered excitedly, about how grateful he was; somewhere in the nonsensical babble, she made out his name: Bruce-kun Goldstein-san, he asked her to call him Bruce-kun. Finally, they arrived at his massive house of a home; the gigantic building looked like something out off a medieval fairytale. It had great turrets and towers, and giant beautiful stained windows, and embroidered flags on all the towers. The whole thing itself was dark velvet red, and seemed to glow with importance; the doors were made of mahogany and carved with dragons, fairies, samurai, and roses. It looked like something out of a little girl’s imagination, “Did your daughter design this whole thing, Bruce-kun?” Choko asked in awe, at the workmanship.

    The man paused and looked up at the door, “Yes, yes she did. Daisy was only seven, but she was unnaturally gifted in architecture,” the man said quietly, “She designed this entire house and memorized the blueprints by heart.” The man stared at the doorframe and a sad expression crossed his face, as if he was remembering a particularly painful memory. Then he suddenly brightened, “And when you bring her back home, I’m positive she’ll be glad to show you her designs.”

    The blue ponytail on the girls shoulder, shifted as her head drooped solemnly. Wow, this man must really love this little girl, she thought, I almost feel bad for asking him for a price.


    I have no idea what you’re talking about, the stubborn guilt-stricken girl retorted. Then she turned back to Bruce-kun and said, “Don’t worry man, I’ll get Daisy back for you safe and sound.” The man nodded in thanks and smiled, and then he unlocked the door and led her inside where he introduced Choko to his just as eccentric wife, who became hysterical upon hearing that her husband had hired a teenager to find their daughter.

    “Bruce-kun, she looks like she’s only nineteen or eighteen! She can’t find Daisy for us; I just don’t understand why you don’t call the police.” She cried to her husband.
    Mr. Goldstein-san whispered harshly, “Dearest you know the police wouldn’t believe us, they’d call me crazy and have me sent to the funny farm.” The man growled.

    The wife sighed, and turned to the younger girl and stared her down with icy blue eyes. Choko returned her gaze for a brief moment, then looked elsewhere on the woman taking in hr features, Goldstein-san was a slender older woman, and made the blue-headed beauty if that’s what she would look like when she was that old. Then again an accurate guess would require she found out how old the woman was, and judging by the sour expression on her face and her tied up hair, Goldstein-san was one of those women who didn’t like giving out their age.

    The very ‘made-up’ woman led Choko into the kitchen where the cooks prepared her a nice warm meal of steak, green beans, potatoes, collard greens, and golden rolls of warm, soft sweet-smelling bread. The starving girl was nearly drooling, and her stomach growled loudly at the sight of the beautiful display before her, “Heartbreaker, it-it’s beautiful,” Choko, breathed aloud, “I think we’re in heaven.”

    Ha! If this was heaven you wouldn’t be here, with that prick of a woman. The shining angel smiled, you better eat quickly, if that little girl was taken by a hollow then we need to move quickly. she warned.

    Got it, Choko replied, and with that, she took the plate and tilted it into her mouth swallowing all the food in one bite. Then reaching for the roll she sopped up the rest of the food left on the plate, and devoured it in three bites, savoring the warm flakey bread in her mouth as each bite melted on her tongue. Then she took the glass of golden liquid and downed it excitedly thinking it was liquor, instead it was a sparkling apple juice, “Thank you sir, for the delicious meal,” The girl said bowing deeply, she then placed her glass, fork, and bread saucer onto her plate. Then picked them up, carried them to the sink, and began washing them all, including the other dishes that were there.

    When she finished the dishes Goldstein-san-san, took her into a large closet where she replaced her wardrobe with a new traveling hood, and outfit. This time instead of the jeans and skirt she usually wore, she was outfitted with a flowing royal purple denim skirt, that was cut so that only one part trailed to her ankles and the other stopped just below her knee, a red half shirt, and a golden bracelet on her arm. She also wore a silver anklet, with a sapphire jewel in it that was said to bring luck.

    Then the newly clothed young woman was pulled into a pantry by a house cleaner and given a golden messenger bag embroidered with vines, birds, and scenes from nature. Choko thought the bag was beautiful, and was surprised to see it was filled with medicine, a change of clothes, hair products, and about one thousand yen in cash sat in the left most pockets. “Wow, I-I don’t know what to say” The embarrassed girl, gushed.

    “You could try starting with a expressing some gratitude, you insufferable pest.” A voice snarkily replied from the shadows. It was Goldstein-san-san from earlier, wearing her skintight plastic, go-go girl unitard. She walked with a rock in her step as if she owned the whole world, “Come with me, my husband needs to give you a picture of Daisy so you can recognize her.”

    The young girl growled slightly as she followed the old woman down the steps again, this bitch, I hope my kids don’t turn out like this. Choko thought sourly, as she walked. When they got back to the ground floor hallway, with all its’ rugs, and draperies, Choko met Bruce-kun-san again who smiled when he saw her, all dressed in the clothes his wife had given her.

    The gussied up girl stood with her back to a silvery mirror framed with intricate gold decorations while she faced Bruce, “My, aren’t you just the cutest little thing, aren’t you?”The potbellied man asked smiling, pinching her cheek as he did, “Turn around, and let me get a good look at you darling.”

    The blushing girl obeyed silently, spinning in a tight circle that caused her skirt to flare out and twirl around her; the gold sequins on Choko’s skirt were sparkling lightning bolts, as they caught the sunlight. Then looking in the mirror, she smiled in pleasure at her appearance, and bowed before the large man, “Thank you Bruce-kun for the provisions, and clothes,” Choko smiled, “I appreciate these gifts, and hope they will help me on my journey.” Choko said solemnly.

    “Oh don’t worry about a thing dearie; you’re welcome to whatever you ask since you’ve been so kind to us,” the smiling man said happily, “you’re the first person to even speak to me since our daughter’s kidnapping, even if you don’t find her you’d be welcome here.”

    The man seemed sincere, and that was something the girl hadn’t seen a whole lot of, sincerity. Every human being she had come across save a few had tried to manipulate her, and exploit her for her own needs. Vainly she thought, Can’t really blame them, I mean look at dat ass. Then she took on a more somber expression, and set her face in a determined smile, “Don’t worry I’ll make sure that the next time I see you, I’ll be leading daisy here to you by her hand,” she proclaimed, pumping her fist, “I promise.”


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