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Thread: Character Interaction?

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    Character Interaction?

    While I'm waiting for my profile to be approved I'm going through the Writing section of the forum and I've noticed that most posts have 0 replies. Is this because all posts are private? Or is the writing section limited to mainly personal story lines? I just really enjoy collaborative story telling so I'm interested in where and when I can post with others.

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    Typically, collabs are done in private and then posted up all at once, so while there is a lot of character interaction, it will only show up as one post.

    Now, there are open collabs where people are just free to come in, post and interact with other people. Those happen to come post-by-post, so they'll go up to pages and pages. One is usually started every once in a while, or feel free to start your own if you feel you have an interesting topic.
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    One thing to look at is the tags.

    A single tag, like [1st], means that only one person wrote it.

    Multiple tags, like [1st/2nd] or [O/C/Q], mean that multiple people wrote it.

    There's also [Closed] or [Open]. Closed means that there's a bunch of people involved but that they're already decided before it starts. Open means that anybody can jump in if it fits.

    Edit: Recently, we do a lot of our collaborative work using Google docs rather than post-by-post. So one person will create a document, and then the other writers add to it until it's finished, and one person posts the finished result on the forum.
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