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Thread: Week 276: Adele's Road Trip (part II)

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    Week 276: Adele's Road Trip (part II)

    Traveling with Tabitha was much quicker than moving on foot, a fact Adele was very thankful for. Since their departure from a small inn in District Two a few hours ago, they had made their way to District Three. District Three had almost as many people and buildings as District Two, but the crowds were a little thinner and the edifices slightly less extraordinary or elegant. The companions had left early in the morning, just after sunrise and Adele was just now waking up; she had spent a good deal of their journey so far riding on Tabitha's pony, Sugar, dozing with her face buried in the gypsy woman's back.

    The sun warmed the sleepy shinigami's face gently. Adele would have returned to the land of dreams as the motion of Sugar's relaxed trot rocked her gently towards sleep but a light chuckle brought her closer to the edge of consciousness. The kitty-gami blinked sleepy and stirred.

    "Well good morning, sunshine," Tabitha greeted bemusedly, "looks like you're a sleep snuggler, you're a lot less shy when you're tired."

    Adele jumped, loosening her grip on the older woman's waist and sitting up straight. "I'm sorry!" she panicked, "I didn't mean to invade your personal space like that!"

    "Relax," Tabitha laughed, the rich sound of her voice and gentle whispering of her faint reiatsu were music to both sets of the nekogami's ears, "I don't mind, it's just funny is all." The gypsy smiled when she felt the younger girl relax and settle against her back again. “I was wondering what you wanted to eat for breakfast.”

    “Breakfast?” The shinigami tilted her head to the right. She hadn’t really thought too much about food when the wandering lady had dragged her out of bed and had been too sleepy to consider it up until now. “...can we have pancakes?”

    “Sure!” The dark haired woman agreed enthusiastically. “Hey, look, the market! Let’s go get us some pancakes!” The nomad cheered, gesturing towards the busy commercial center with the reins in her hands. Sugar seemed to understand the action and calmly trod in that direction, not at all disturbed by her owner’s excitement.

    When they got closer to the market square, Adele and Tabitha were encompassed within a montage of smells, weak reiatsu signatures, and sounds. Various stands sold a wide variety of items, from oranges to socks. Vendors hawked excitedly, all eager to entice customers into buying their wares. Civilian souls filled the area, buying, haggling, talking, shouting, laughing, running, walking, and bringing life to the market. The sensation was overwhelming for Adele; her sensitive cat ears ached from the overload of sounds, reiatsu or otherwise. Any embarrassment for snuggling up against Tabitha was forgotten as the young Mystic hid her face in the back of the gypsy’s kimono.

    Adele frantically tried to hum the right notes to block out the extraneous noise vocally and with her spiritual energy, but was unsuccessful. Frowning, the wanderer looked at the shinigami. “Is the noise too much for you?” She asked. The kitty-gami nodded, her eyes clenched shut. A few moments later, she felt something being pushed into her cat ears. Adele squirmed at the uncomfortable sensation, but stopped when she felt Tabitha’s hands brush against them. Suddenly, everything was muted and relief washed over the shinigami.
    The Mystic opened her eyes to see the gypsy woman smiling at her. “Did it help?” It was odd hearing the woman with her human ears but only a muffled sound with her cat ears.

    The nekogami nodded, “what did you do?”

    The traveller smiled, “all I did was put earplugs in those cat ears of yours. They’re special. These plugs are made of a soft wax that’s treated so it can mold to the shape of your ears, but isn’t sticky, see?” Tabitha pulled the earplug from the shinigami’s right cat ear. It was a small, clear orb. Just as easily, the gypsy slipped the earplug back in Adele’s ear. “Now all these sounds won’t bother you.”

    “Arigato,” the arcanist bowed her head in thanks.

    “No problem, you can even keep ‘em.” The nomad turned around and began guiding her pony towards the market.

    “Um... how did you know about my cat ears?” the nekogami asked quietly.

    “I saw ‘em while you were sleeping. Now how about some pancakes?” Adele smiled, the next few weeks with Tabitha were going to be a lot of fun.

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