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Thread: Attack of the Killer Mosquitoes?

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    Attack of the Killer Mosquitoes?

    'Suicide bombers'
    These mosquitoes are created by injecting mosquito eggs in the lab with a killer gene. It produces a protein called tTA, which stops the mosquitoes' cells from turning on other genes which are essential for the bugs to survive.

    The resulting GM male mosquitoes are then released into the wild to breed with non-GM females, producing offspring genetically programmed to die well before reproductive age.

    The company says that as the number of GM males introduced into an environment increases, the lower the chances the non-GM males have of breeding with non-GM females, until eventually the mosquito population can be effectively eliminated.

    The concept of genetically altering insects isn't new (Africanized killer bees still scares the shit out of me) there is still a lingering trepidation in the back of my mind when I think about it. I am usually pro technology even when ethical boundaries are pushed, but with something like this I feel there are too many variables such as the effects on the ecosystem and humans where I don't feel comfortable with the idea.

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    I have a burning desire to get every mosquitoe in the world, dump them all in a furnace, and fry the little buggers.

    But ya I dunno if anything other than birds and spiders eat these, and how well they will find food after they are gone.

    Once more I howl my cry to battle. Once more I stand and protect what I must defend.

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