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Thread: Timeline Question

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    Timeline Question

    yosh, so first off, is there is a set time the RP is currently in? i.e. current date and year?

    now in regards to my character... I'm planning to make him an AH who'll join Orpheus but i really want him to join Orpheus as a seasoned Advent and not with him joining the group as he's learning of his powers....

    ... so i was thinking, say I write out his profile as he is currently [IC wise] but my first 'arc' and chapters and such will be about him discovering his powers and growing up with em, i.e. I'll make him 23 current time and living in Japan but I'll write my first chaps and arc and such of his time first discovering his powers, when he was say 19, and set up the arc to be about him growing up and living with his powers till he arrives at Orpheus when he turns 23.

    now that's just a rough sketch there, hopefully it makes some sense, but would that be okay to do? also why im interested in knowing the RP's current date.

    oh and just to mention, my char'll be out of Japan for the most part of those years so that means he wouldn't have had anything to do with most plot missions and such.

    so aye, just wanted to ask if something like this would be okay to do~

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    Yup. That's perfectly okay.

    As for the year it is in game, we try to keep it pretty vague (sliding timescale yadda yadda yadda) but for all intents and purposes, its 2012.

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