Hey all,

Since all or most of us have transitioned from BleachForums, I'm going to quickly highlight some of the forum features we have here that we didn't have there. Many of you are already aware of these:


Located under the user's name on a post, Reputation has a star icon. Reputation is pretty much how it sounds: a broad measure of the user's popularity. When you give reputation, you can give positive or negative. The overall Reputation is displayed under the users' names as green bars. This is a good way to give a quick thank-you or show that you liked a post without having to comment on it. For threads in the RP areas, where you can't post comments, it's a good way to give feedback outside of chat.

High reputation can help you to reach higher user levels (with increased perks like avatar/signature permissions) faster, but low reputation carries no penalties.

Have fun with it! Remember that reputation can go both ways. Don't be upset if you get a thumbs-down.


Infractions are a form of moderation. This is actually available to all registered users. If you see a post that is violating the rules (a spambot thread, someone posting banned content, plagiarism, or inciting flamewars), in the bottom left, under the user's name, there is an icon that looks like two tickets. Click this, select the appropriate infraction and fill out the details. The user will get a number of points equal to their transgression.

If points build up, the user will receive disciplinary action. If desired, you can give the infraction as a Warning, which will give 0 points, but gives the user a warning flag that the post was crossing a line.

30 points = Mute (able to view the boards but not to post)
50 points = Temp Ban (the user is banned for a length of time)
75 points = Perma Ban (this ban can only be removed by staff)

For the most part, the users are trusted to self-moderate with these. If someone abuses the Infraction system, however, that will not be taken lightly. The inappropriate infraction will be reversed, and the culprit will receive their own punishment, up to and including a permanent ban.

Infractions are for disciplinary action only.


At the top of the forum, there is a tab for Experience. Experience is a measure of activity on the boards. You can earn experience in too many ways to list now, but just know that the more you post, the more you rate threads, the more you reply and comment and upload and participate, the more experience you earn! Once you've earned it, you can then spend it as XP in the Market or for Triple Triad. See below.

Triple Triad

Based on the card game from Final Fantasy VIII, Triple Triad is a fun little diversion we have plugged in. You can purchase decks with XP (we have some custom decks planned for the future), and then play against the computer or against other forum members. Once you're ready to face a live person, type in their username and go at it! The winner gets to choose a card to keep and build up their deck.

The Market

The Market is the main place where you'll be spending your XP. There's a variety of things to choose from, including usertitle changes, adding glows or other formatting, or even changing the avatar or usertitle of another member! Members who gain enough points can even make changes to the forum itself, stepping in as a moderator or removing an existing one, or even creating their own custom forum boards. Look for even more options to be added as time goes on!

The Bank

Tied directly into the Market, the Bank is where you can store your points for safekeeping. Like a normal bank, what you have in there will gain interest, but you won't be able to spend it directly from your bank account. You need to pull it out to do that! All users will also receive a weekly paycheck deposited in the bank. This paycheck will vary based on your primary usergroup.

The Converter/Donations

For those of you who want to make donations to the forum, you can do so using the Converter area of the market. This links to the Paypal account that the forum costs are paid out of. Never feel that you are obligated to make a donation, but do know that any and all donations are greatly appreciated! As a small additional thank-you, you will also receive additional XP to spend each time you make a donation!