New RP Location

The Bleach RP has come a long way, from its beginnings as BFRPG, to Isshindensetsu, and finally to Halcyon Days -- as well as spawning numerous off-shoot RPs as people inevitably clash over how the plot should proceed or how the leadership should evolve -- but as we draw nearer to the 10th anniversary of the RP's inception, the world of Bleach is starting to feel a little cramped.

There will always be more stories and writing opportunities, but more and more, what our oldest members started yearning for was the freedom to contribute to building out a world, rather than just embellish upon one that was already created.

Therefore, we devoted our efforts to creating a new, original world and setting, largely a blank slate waiting for members to make their mark. Recently, those efforts came to fruition in the form of Post Terminus, a new site, a new RP, a new world with new opportunities to tell new stories. will continue here, as an archive to all the writers and all the characters that made Halcyon Days and its predecessors an amazing place to meet up with fellow writers, hone our skills, and put our ideas to digital paper.

For those who want to see what the HD crew has gotten up to, or for those interested in trying a new RP in a setting beyond Bleach, you'll find us over at Post Terminus.