Unbeaten Games: The Untold Saga – Episode V

Aaaannnnndddd….we’re back!

Sorry, I know that I’m a few days late with this blog post, but I got lost in the world of Skyloft. Based on that previous statement, you can assume that I have not finished Skyward Sword yet; however, its not from a lack of trying. I checked my current playtime on the game as of yesterday and it was over twenty-five hours! After briefly checking to see how much was left in the game (I’m currently at the Pirate Stronghold), I found that I’m only halfway through.

Now for my honest opinion on the game thus far… Initially, I thought it could be a contender for best game of the series, comparing it to my favorite Zelda of all time: Ocarina of Time. After revisiting the same areas for a second/third time, I’m realising that this may not be the case. I am saving my official review of the game for once I beat it; however, the repetitive environments are getting annoying (especially when its the exact same dungeons with new gadgets).

I can feel the urge to finally beat this game coming, but until then, here is my list once more:

• Batman: Arkham Asylum
• Batman: Arkham City
• BioShock 2
• Call of Duty: Black Ops
• Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
• Fallout 3
• Halo Wars
• Lost Odyssey
• Ninja Gaiden 2
• Phantasy Star Universe
• Prince of Persia
• Red Dead Redemption
• Sonic the Hedgehog
• Star Ocean: The Last Hope
• Star War: The Force Unleashed
• Street Fighter IV
• The Elder’s Scroll V: Skyrim
• The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
• Tomb Raider: Underworld

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