Unbeaten Games: The Untold Saga – Episode III

So yeah, I’m totally not succeeding with my goals of beating these games, nor am I posting for this blog consistently. Nonetheless, I will continue to persist until I get on the right track!

I was trying to limit this list to only my Xbox 360 games; however, the powers that be do not wish for that to be so! *shakes fist* Darn you gaming gods!  With that being the case, I will be adding non-360 games to the list should the urge to play them arise. And it has…

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Warning! – Spoilers to follow beyond this point. If you do not wish for the story to be compromised, stop reading now!

Feeling nostalgic to the old-school gaming days and wanting to return to the memories of my childhood, I picked up my copy of Zelda and started playing it again. I got this game for Christmas, but with all the games I bought/received then, this little gem got lost in the mix. I’m glad that I’ve picked it back up again – even despite a few dislikes.

Without ranting on how stupid gamers must be today, I was extremely frustrated with how long of a “tutorial” this Zelda game has. I mean, I’m pretty sure it’s intuitive that if there isn’t a jump button and you need to get across a gap, you should try sprinting towards it using the button that handles pretty much every other action in the game. I would easily rank this annoyance on the same level as Navi (Ocarina of Time reference), just without the blue fairy.

Oh wait, there she is!

Anyway… Aside from the somewhat iffy calibration controls (even with the Motion Plus), this game plays just like the old-school Zelda games. I’m only at the second time you “go through the clouds”, but I see plenty of foreshadowing and hints back to the things I loved from previous entries in the series. I only hope that as I get deeper into the gameplay, the story picks up a little bit more and continues reflecting back on the mechanics I know and love.

Game Count:

• Batman: Arkham Asylum
• Batman: Arkham City
• BioShock 2
• Call of Duty: Black Ops
• Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
• Fallout 3
• Halo Wars
• Lost Odyssey
• Ninja Gaiden 2
• Phantasy Star Universe
• Prince of Persia
• Red Dead Redemption
• Sonic the Hedgehog
• Star Ocean: The Last Hope
• Star War: The Force Unleashed
• Street Fighter IV
• The Elder’s Scroll V: Skyrim
• The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
• Tomb Raider: Underworld

18 left to go!

Count of Games Completed Since Journey Began: 1/19

(P.S. I know; my count is heading in the wrong direction…. *facepalm*)

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