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Autumnal Waterfall 5 – SMNC Yo Store Edition

This is part 2 of my Super Monday Night Combat coverage so go read part one if you have not. Part 1 here.

Once again, there will be pictures.

But to start off, let’s list what can be bought with real money: Pros, taunts, costumes, boosts

What can be bought with in game currency: Pros, products, endorsements

One thing I will say I like about the store is that they just use straight money. No spending money to buy points kinda crap. In that spend money to buy points system, you must overpay to buy what you want and have leftover points. Sure you might get bonus points for buying more but I’m sure companies calculated that into the price already.

First off, ...

Autumnal Waterfall 4 – SMNC Yo Gameplay Edition

It’s Super Monday Night Combat! Now, if you just said that, there would be a 6/7 chance you would be wrong. But in the game, it’s always Monday!

What is the game about? I will try to explain the best I can and hope I don’t muck it up. Once gain, there will be a lot of accompanying screenshots. SMNC is a free to play MOBA game out on Steam. Find it here.

The basics of the game is that it is like a MOBA or Massive Online Battle Arena. Two teams of 5 battle it out to destroy the other teams stuff. The difference is this game is entirely a third person shooter. You need to aim everything. Only a few attacks auto track and even then it’s avoidable.

Part 2 about the store system here.

So if you think a shooter style MOBA would interest you, read on. Or just read on anyway.

First off,

Yeah, it’s ...