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Autumnal Waterfall 50 – Valthirian Arc 2

This time, I am writing about a free flash game. I’ve done it once before here (insert link to hotel manager). The game is Valthirian Arc 2, the sequel to the fantasy school simulator. It boasts some cutesy graphics while having better gameplay than the first. Now, there are actual school grounds that expand and grow as your school fame levels up. You also have a staff that’s mostly there to add life and flavor to your school. Once again, you are a principal trying to run a school for adventurers and stuff.

Play it at Newgrounds here or perhaps other placed where flash games are hosted, too.

A nice, quaint school.

Valthirian Arc...

Autumnal Waterfall 32 – Reus

And I’m back, this time, with a game called Reus. They call Reus a simulation game, though I find it’s more like a puzzle game where you have to adapt on the fly and not hit the wrong hotkey, breaking everything.

Reus has pretty nice visuals, though I didn’t notice the music much. Depending on how much you want to manage things, it can be relaxing or hectic. You do everything in the game through 4 giants that have different abilities. Each level consists of a circular world, and you use your giants to shape them for civilization. Of course your giants move slow as mole asses so if you make settlements too far apart, it’ll take a while to do anything.

Making things hectic are timed challenges where you have to get a certain settlement up to a certain amount of resources. Succeeding gives you more abilities, failing doesn’t really penalize you, but I want to do it anyway.

Now, step into Reus.

This giant does not appear in the game to my knoweldge

Like I said before, this game...