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Autumnal Waterfall 49 – Guacamelee!

Welcome to Guacamelee!, one of my favorite games released on 2013. It is a platforming beat’em’up that lets you roam from level to level. You unlock new skills that lets you reach other areas in previous levels, and everything is wrapped up in great presentation and humor.

I find everything about this game just so well done, from the combat to the platforming. The platforming, especially, can get quite tricky, which I really like. The combat is punchy, fast-paced and satisfying. The entire art style is seeping with color and Mexicaness (that’s not a word).

I would recommend playing with a controller, but a keyboard shouldn’t be too bad.

Let’s get ready to luchador! Get it on Steam, GoG, or perhaps somewhere else.

Gold Edition includes challenge levels.

You play as Juan, simple agav...

Autumnal Waterfall 37 – Skullgirls

Ladies and Gentleman(?)

Skullgirls is a fighting game that’s been on PS3 and Xbox360, but now it’s also coming to PC! I’ve been wanting to play it for a while now, but have held off. It’s a fighting game that features an all female cast of improbably proportions. Several of the characters are kind of disturbing, though.

Note, I’m speaking from experience on the PC version. All features might not be available on all platforms at the same time. I hear that patching on consoles is actually a time-consuming and costly process.

Also, get it on Steam. Or if you prefer the console version, it’s on PSN and XBox Marketplace.

It’s Showtime!

The Skull Heart, the perfect gift for any girl. (No, it’s not. Do not give the Skull Heart to anyone.)

Skullgirls is an indie developed fighting game...