Super-Human Chap 1

“Truths beneath the surface,
lies within ourselves.
We are what we are,
but it is not enough.”

As the city falls asleep and the night rapidly approaches the unwary, so does the underworld awake from its solar slumber, and once more the city bursts into life.

The night, with all its participants in check does not differentiate friend from foe as the clash between good and evil, yin and yang, black and white resumes in all its majestic glory.


With a loud thud Aurelia descended upon the ground after having miscalculated the jump from the building she had been on to the next. Mathematics had never been the young woman’s strong point, and probably never would be.

“Shit,” she cursed under her breath as she rubbed her head and looked up.

Catching the moon’s light, a heavy form fell like a boulder towards her.  Reacting quickly, Aurelia rolled to her right.  The ground shook and chunks of concrete scattered into the air, spraying the dark alley with fist-sized debris.

Luminescent crimson eyes rolled in the shadows and focused on her.  A snarl, rasping like a rake over gravel and as foul as the sewers, rolled and became a voice, “Stand still, damn you!”  Standing at a towering seven feet, the gene-punk clawed at the concrete walls and pulled himself out of his hole – leaving behind marks where his claws scratched stone.

From overhead, another shadow moved.  This one diving off the rooftop with flames dancing in its hands. “Claire, don’t!”

By the time the words had sunk in, though, Claire was already upon the giant’s body, ready to pound away at the man’s sturdy stature. Then, only moments later she suddenly found herself flung through the air like a paper plane.

“Huh?” she exclaimed with a confused look on her face as she slammed into the building right next to them.

“I warned you didn’t I!?” Aurelia shouted towards her companion as she burst forth into the air. “Even though you always yell that I’m rash, you’re just the same!”

Using the wall as support, Claire glared at her friend through her brown mess of hair, puffing out a stream of air that tugged at its fringes.  “Yeah, well,” she retorted, “at least I didn’t fall.”  In a rush of movement, Claire summoned her flames back into her hand and headed for the gene-punk once more.

“Eat flames bastard!”  With a thrust of her palms at her target the fire jumped forward in a stream of heat and fury that seared the concrete and turned it red.

The brute seemed mostly unfazed by it, though, something that hadn’t exactly processed in Claire’s mind just yet as she continued to wail burst of fire after fire towards the gene-punk.

“Oh god,” Claire cursed under her breath as she saw the man only known as Hammer tower through the smoke. “Well, fuck, this can’t be right.”

“I told you to wait, didn’t I?” Aurelia said softly as she appeared right next to her partner. “But noooooooo, miss look-at-me-I’m-so-awesome had to throw her fire around again.”

Grabbing the massive concrete pillar right next to her, she broke it off in one fell swoop, took a hold of it with both of her hands and assumed a striking position.

“You’re such a pushover,” Claire replied unceremoniously as she took a step backwards, “but… will it produce a home-run, I wonder?”

“Shaddup!” Aurelia’s word was accentuated when she stepped forward, hurling the pillar down the narrow corridor, slamming into Hammer with all of the woman’s super-human strength.  Bones snapped, blood spouted, and Hammer was hurled like a rag doll into the night street.

“Oooh,” Claire whistled, “strike out!”

Throwing an annoyed look at the diminutive woman, Aurelia finally shook her head sadly and started heading after the gene-punk.  “You’re incorrigible.”

“Yeah, well…” Claire begun as she took out a pair of shades from somewhere and put them on, “At least I’m not…”

“Hmm?” Aurelia posed as she raised an eyebrow.

“No, actually… I got nothing.” There was a long pause as the two women stared at each other for a while. Claire with shades on, and Aurelia without.

“So…”  Before she could even finish her sentence, Claire was behind her holding an identical pair of shades for Aurelia.  Hesitantly she took them, asking, “Where did you get these?”

“The gas station. Why?”

Walking out of the mouth of the alley, the two women stepped foot on crumbled cement, fires in the distance lighting the sides of their face.  “Wait.  The gas station that Hammer tossed me through?”


“The one he sent you into?”

“The one and the same.  Why?”

“The one that blew up?”

“Uh-huh.  What’s your point already?  It’s not going to change.”

“Just let me get the facts straight: while I was trying to take on this idiot,” Aurelia hefted a thumb at the -hopefully- unconscious gene-punk, “and getting tossed around.  You had enough time to grab us both sunglasses.”

“Hey!” Claire replied defensively, “Sunglasses are tres important.”

“Well…” Fidgeting around with her sunglasses for a bit, looking around to see if no one else was looking. “…they are pretty awesome, yes.”

“Pretty awesome?” Claire asked in a shocked tone of voice. “Pretty awesome? Try super-mega-hyper-special awesome for a change. They are the ‘super’ in ‘super heroes,’ dontcha no? The creme de la creme of… well, you get the idea!”

“Anyway,” Aurelia interjected, shrugging her shoulders just before she too put on the shades. “I think we can call it a day, wouldn’t you say?” Turning her head back around for a bit she looked upon the absolute carnage they had created and smiled genuinely.

“Yep, this seems pretty legit.”

Sirens off in the distance wailed, and the two women looked at one another.  “‘Bout time they were on their way here.”

“You know how cops are, Arra, they’re supposed to arrive late.  Just in time for the heroes to make their clean-”  Spotlights from overhead popped on, illuminating them in a small area of brilliant surprise.  “Well,” Claire lamented, “at least the shades came in handy.”

“Run!” Aurelia shouted, and the two women split.

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