Autumnal Waterfall 47 – Finding Teddy

Cheery Christmas, Happy Holidays, Festive Festivus, Hanukka Chanukka and everything else I forgot.

What’s going on this time? Well, I got this game on a Christmas sale. I know almost nothing about it other than its an adventure game and what the screenshots showed. I did like the style of things, so I got it.

Finding Teddy is available on Steam, Green Man Gaming and probably other locations.

Let’s do this.

It’s going to be a good time?

Well, I can say w...

Autumnal Waterfall 46 – The Cat Lady


Ooh boy, this is a horror game. I usually don’t do horror games, because they horrify me. Imagine that. I have a really low tolerance for that kind of stuff. I guess sometimes, presentation and plot can make me try it out, and it was also on sale for halloween, too.

The Cat Lady works like a point and click game, though it’s entirely keyboard driven. You interact with objects and combine objects with other objects to solve puzzles. Though that’s not the main point of the game. The main point is to experience the atmosphere and the characters.

This is a game with a lot of dark themes and images, definitely not fit for younger people. But I don’t think I have any of the really disturbing stuff in the intro section.

Get it from here, GoG, or some other online distributors.

So here we go.

Scary grayscale.

Well, let’s give some basic ...

Autumnal Waterfall 45 – Goodbye Deponia

So this is the third shrike. You’re dumping just like a trashbag. Why? Just because of some mustard on the carpet.
You pathetic dorkhead. I assume your humor did just bite the dust.
But this isn’t over yet. Yeah, you can bet on that. The last part of my tale will surely appease and change your mind anyhow, so put on your deaf aid now.
The story goes on for good things come in threes.
Huzzah, good things come in thress.

Welcome to: Goodbye Deponia. The third game of the Deponia trilogy! This has been my favorite point and click adventure game in recent memories. The world, the characters, they are just all so well crafted. Clever puzzles are also abound in this game.

Find it on Steam or perhaps some other place. A full trilogy set is also available.

Why do I remember writing about the first Deponia game? I’ve tried looking, but I can’t find it anywhere. It’s strange. Oh well. Here’s a post now, so, put in your deaf aid, because we’re going to Deponia for one last time.

Goodbye. I will miss you.

Now, I’ve called adventure games jerk sim...

Autumnal Waterfall 44 – Dragon Commander

Welcome to Dragon Commander, or more accurately, Divinity: Dragon Commander. This is a spin-off game of the Divinity RPGs. I have not actually played the previous Divinity games, so I won’t be getting many of the lore references.

Dragon Commander plays pretty differently, though. It’s a mixture of a strategy game, a Real Time Strategy game and a Role Playing Game. You build up troops and take over other countries. It’s not as complicated as some other games with, say, much diplomacy options (at least from what I’ve played so far), it’s rather simple.

The single player does have a cool base for you where all your generals hang out.

Available from the developer here, GoG, Steam, or possibly other locations.

Now let’s swoop into the battlefield.

You are the dragon.

Dragon Commander is a mixture of St...

Autumnal Waterfall 43 – Terraria

And we’re back in terraria! Since last time, I’ve gotten a lot of stuff. Most of it is old, but I’ve pretty much finished Normal mode. My world spawned with Tin, Iron, Silver, Platinum and Corrution, so I got no pictures of the new Crimson Biome and the new Crimson boss (which is a replacement for Corruption in certain worlds). Well, that’s alright, I guess. It gives you something to look forward to.

Also, I can’t believe I forgot to mention one of the major new features last time. We now have a minimap! Gosh, I sued to be good with directions in Terraria, but now that a minimap has come up, I’ve relied on it too much. I forgot last time because I kept it off. It’s just too useful, though. I now have no mental map of my tunnel systems.

Well, I’m not going to go through a step-...

Autumnal Waterfall 42 – Terraria 1.2

Oh yeah, welcome to the new and improved Terraria! The long awaited (by me at least) 1.2 patch.

For those that don’t know, Terraria is a 2D action platformer. It has a  fully robust building, mining and world shaping system, similar to Minecraft. But a huge focus of the game is exploring out, getting better gear and defeating harder bosses. Of course, you’re free to build whatever you like, though it lacks an official creative mode due to how much emphasis is placed on progressing through the game. There’s always mods for that.

And now, the 1.2 patch has been released! It is a free patch that nearly doubles the content in the game. 4 new bosses, a bunch of new npcs, totally new biomes and lots of new items!

Get Terraria at Steam.

Note that Multiplayer is still bugger hard to set up for me. *sigh*

Here, I will go through some of the improvements as well as a new biome. So, step into Terraria.

Rumors of the Guide’s death were greatly exaggerated.

As you can see, Terrari...

Autumnal Waterfall 41 – Mirror’s Edge


Well, I recently just bought the Origin Humble Bundle. From there, I got a few things. First one I’ve played is Mirror’s Edge. So, let’s talk about the few year old game. Though I’m quite sure if any of you already wanted to play it, you would have already.

What is Mirror’s Edge? It is a first person parkour game. You play as Faith as she free runs through the city skylines, avoiding cops and deadly falls. It sounds pretty cool in theory, so let’s see how the execution is.

The skyline is your playground.

Now, we start of with an (optional)...

Autumnal Waterfall 40 – Saints Row IV: The Third

Aww yeah, we’re in the game now. And we have super powers!

Also, I’mma stop putting up spoiler warnings. You should know by now that there will be some.

Now that we’re in the game, I can talk a bit more about gameplay and all that good stuff. So here we go.

First up, Zinyak ...

Autumnal Waterfall 39 – Saints Row IV 2

Spoilers for the game abound.

Welcome back to Saint’s Row IV, where we are now the president of the United States of the North America, bitches.

The story picks up 5 years later, where the boss is in the middle of their first term. How does a gangster do as President? Pretty bad at only twenty points. But the boss isn’t afraid to alienate part of America at all. Let’s see how they do as president.

Chief of staff Be...

Autumnal Waterfall 38 – Saints Row IV

It’s finally here, the most stupidly awesome game that I’ve been waiting for: Saint’s Row IV!

Bigger, badder and more over the top than The Third, Saint’s Row IV pretty much cranks things up so much, the knob breaks off. Now, if you were a fang of Saint’s Row 1 and 2, this is definitely not a return to form, in fact, it’s further from a gangster game than ever.

If you want crazy open world action, this game will deliver. It will be glorious.

And there will be spoilers.

Get it on Steam, some other digital distribution sites, XBox60 or PS3

You now control the country.

The game starts of similar to SR:TT...