Lily Girls’ Review: Yuyushiki

My state has a law that mandates all K-12 school years and some university fall semesters start the day after Labor Day. Something of a holiday of it’s own, let’s celebrate Back to School by going to our high school’s Data Processing Club in this week’s review.


Yuzuko, Yukari and Yui

Yuyushiki starts out with a pattern that feels familiar in slice-of-life series, the protagonists must join a club but don’t want to actually do anything. In some other series, like Yuru Yuri, this manifests as the Amusement Club, or in another recent series, the titular Going Home Club. In Yuyushiki, the trio of Yukari, Yuzuko and Yui join the Data Processing Club, a club that has a whopping zero members. Their idea is if they’re the only people in the club, they pretty much have free reign over what the club does and they don’t really need to do anything. What they decide the mission of the Data Processing Club is kinda amazes me: every day they pick a topic and Google it. They then write a summary of their research, often in the most absurd way possible, on their dry-erase board.


First day of Data Processing Club.

Yuzuko is the overexcited, overenergetic, more than a little Sapphically perverse and wacky archetype to such an extreme she says a couple things across the twelve episodes that make even me blush. Yukari is a wealthy and more mellow girl who is rather airheaded, but gets wrapped up in Yuzuko’s zany behavior and quickly matches or even exceeds it’s insanity. Yui, voiced by Yuru Yuri’s Yui, is almost the exact shame character as she was in Yuru Yuri. Yui is the normal one of the group who the wacky bounces off of, ironically given these reviews the comedy term for this character type is the ‘straight man’. The YuYuYu gang are the central characters of the show, but they’re supported by their teacher whom they just call Mom, or Mom-sensei if they feel formal, and another three-girl gang most notably the super-shy Aikawa who I’ll mention in the ‘justifying the yuri claim’ section of the review. Mom-sensei is also the Data Processing Club’s adviser.

Honestly, the biggest draw to this series for me, even more than the over-the-top and often side-splitting humor is the beauty of the animation. Yuyushiki’s beautiful animation, running at a high frame rate, flows so elegantly you wonder why you’ve ever slummed it with other series. It’s art style alone is captivating, but the fact that it runs so smoothly and so fluidly all the time makes going from any other series to this one a truly notable and sometimes astounding difference.


Yui gets all the girls.

Well the yuri content isn’t as central to the series as, asy, Yuru Yuri (how could it be?), it is out for all to see enough that even the eyecatches couldn’t resist some romance. Yuzuko doesn’t seem to have much limiting her desire to flirt with or grope anyone with breasts, but for Yukari and Aikawa, it’s pretty clear that Yui is the pretty girl. Yukari regularly states that she loves and has always loved Yui since childhood, and Aikawa takes a picture of Yui while she’s sleeping to later proudly display, blushing, to her friends. Of course, one of her friends likes Aikawa, so gets very territorial toward Yui. Sound gay? Awesome, then I don’t need to explain the odd relationship Yuzuko and Yukari seem to want with Mom-sensei.

All in all, if you enjoy the occasional slice-of-life, I strongly recommend this one. If your a fan of the genre, that goes double. If you decide what to watch based on its artistic value, put this on your list. If you want to talk about a teacher called Mom and her breast size, definitely watch this series. If you don’t, watch this series and try to ignore Yuzuko.


Yes, I told them to ignore you. Deal with it.

Yuyushiki Summary
Yuzu’s pretty gay.
Sensei Mom
You’ll get this joke once you watch the series
Potatoes are for Saturday or the Second and Fourth Thursday.

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