Lily Girls’ Review: YuruYuri

Lucky star, but gayer.

Yes, that’s the promise of Yuru Yuri! This series follows the familiar pattern of a club of four girls, well two clubs of four girls and a couple stragglers. But the real point is this wild slice-of-life crazy funtimes is that all the ships are acceptable  Ship everything, regret nothing.  That’s what makes Yuru Yuri a great introduction to the Lily Girls brand of anime; so many lesbians so little time. Like typical all-girl  slice-of-life series (Kill Me Baby, Lucky Star, K-on!, et cetera), the cast is a collection of slightly crazy and quite colorful characters and the story is just the tale of their daily lives.

We start off by being introduced to the Amusement Club; a club that was started because Nanamori Middle School requires everyone to be in a club and Toshino Kyoko and Funami Yui had no desire to join any real clubs. The second-years in the club, Funami and Toshino are both nerdy. Funami loves playing RPGs, but is a really responsible girl living on her own at age 14. Toshino is a slacker, anime addict, and generally she’d be a proud and productive member of our community of otaku. Akaza Akari, their first-year friend is the technical protagonist of the series, but so greatly lacking in presence even her cathphrase turns her invisible. Lastly, Yoshikawa Cinatsu, a first year, joins the Amusement Club accidentally, while looking for the defunct Tea Ceremony Club.

The Student Council is made up of the second years Sugiura Ayano, a tsundere who makes absolutely ungodly horrible puns (“Nai nai Niagara!”) and her best friend Ikeda Chitose, the ultimate shipper and fangirl! The first-years are the archetypal ”I love you so much I hate you,” duo; Furutani Himawari and the flat-chested and jealous Ohmuro Sakurako.

While mostly lighthearted, Yuru Yuri occasionally takes a left-turn on poignant or a right-turn on powerful; a season 2 episode “The Akari who Leapt through Time” is one of the few episodes in things that makes me cry each time I watch it – a list that’s quite short.

I normally would take a moment in these blogs to talk about the yuri subtext in something, but with Yuru Yuri it’s pretty unneeded. The official website for Yuru Yuri even has a complicated relationship chart with a romance overlay, showing all the canon ships. And boy are they complicated!

Love this show. How can you not? Just look at those cuties!

 And you can watch it in its entirety, right now, on Crunchyroll.

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      This is so absurdly sweet, thank you! Please keep following Lily here on MangaDen!

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