Lily Girls’ Review: Ga-Rei Zero

Here’s a story that should appeal a lot to our Mangaden audience. For all of you who get frustrated with how badly Bleach misses the mark, in comes the Ga-Rei franchise.


Ga-Rei Zero is the prequel to the Ga-Rei manga which I admittedly haven’t delved in to, but the Zero is about a series of people, part of an Agency, who fight monstrous departed spirits called Specters. Some of the weapons used to fight the Specters are remarkably clever, like Natsuki whose tires of her motorcycle are able to create barriers against the dead. The story focuses on Kagura and her adoptive sister Yomi who use katana as their weapons against the Specters. Yomi and Kagura are also from families who are known to be able to summon spirits to fight alongside them, called Ga-Rei.

IGa-Rei.Zero.full.154103f this sounds a bit like Bleach without Kubo, you might be right. If that sounds like a great thing, you might enjoy the web RP Halcyon Days.

Ga-Rei Zero starts with a major “Paranormal Disaster” that Japan must deal with, but quickly takes a long journey into the past, spending a good half the series in a flashback explaining who the important characters of this battle are and why they’re fighting. And the flashback is actually interesting or useful unlike Bleach flashbacks which just use them to prevent you from getting to the action. In fact, these flashbacks provide more fights. Again, like not having Kubo.

weekly07979So, Yomi and Kagura… that’s a thing. Because adopted sisters isn’t nearly as creepy as biological sisters, and we’ve crossed that bridge already, There’s a cute scene where they play the Pocky Game and have a little Lady and the Lady session in a limo. Though Yomi is scheduled to have an arranged marriage, she has clearly no interest in the fellow, and though the manga apparently implies that Kagura is bisexual, the lovely cure lesbianism of Zero is a nice refreshing breeze in a world of straight people.

Also, the series is good. It’s only twelve episodes, but there’s this entire manga series that takes place after it. It does set up a beautiful, less gay manga series quite well.


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