Introduction of Us

Why the boring title?  Because simplicity catches, that’s why, and I’m all about the catchy.  Not really, but that’s a debate for another time, and probably the forum actually.  So why have I posted this seemingly useless blog post?  Why have I even bothered to grab your attention?  Well, if you’ve stayed around thus far you’re in luck.

It is with my profound satisfaction that I introduce to you all a collaborative project with myself, and Sir Roberton of Somewhereville at the helm.  This project?  An idea, really, where the two of us wanted to see what we could create by simply writing.  No deadlines, no lengthy character backgrounds, no mechanics.  Okay, well, some mechanics but that’s for continuity reasons.

Now, don’t take this a sign of either Rob or myself resigning from HD (for those of you who follow us there).  We love HD, and don’t want that to be in the vague, but other outlets are required for the raging beast that is our inner writer.  And this will be it.  This funny, wonderful, imaginative little corner of the blog will be ours.  So enjoy it and let us be the first to say…

Welcome one and all to the wonderful tale of “Super-Human” and all that is rocket fueled with power boosting super-humans galore.  When villains run rampant through the streets of your city, just what kind of superheros would you expect?  Well, two women (Claire and Aurelia) can answer that: the least most responsible of course!  But as their powers and prestige grow, so too does the strength and number of enemies.  Can these two continue their vigilante spree and still find time to chill?

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