Gei Rei Zero

Ugh.  This anime makes me sad.

The story is about people with the ability to combat demons and evil spirits “that defy the natural order”, in specific, two girls not related by blood who end up living in the same household and taking on a sororal relationship.  The series teases you in the beginning, making you think its going to be a sort of bleach-like series where the bad guys get cut up by swords and semi-shounen like behavior.

The cake is a lie.  While there’s some action, this series ended up reminding me of Blood+.  Have I mentioned I hate Blood +?  There’s a lot of dialogue and discussion, attempted character development, but a gaping wound in the understanding of the viewer of who exactly these people are and why they have their powers:  with the exception of the main character, the younger sister.  Her family bloodline has special powers and such, won’t spoil how/why/where though.

It was tolerable, but definitely no triumph of story or action.  It felt like the creators were aiming at a very high mark:  a series with meaningful conflict and real characters punctuated with some epic fights.  They missed.  And when they started tossing on the fan service in the later episodes, I got the feeling that they knew they had missed and were trying to scrap it together.

In short:  could have been better.  Probably much better.

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  • The Van  says:

    Fuck you Blood +. Fuck you Morbito. Fuck you Trinity Blood. Fuck you . . .

    My god, there’s a lot of bad shows out there.

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