Community Spotlight: Weekly Image Contest

Every week, we select one image at random from Mangaden’s ‘booru’ to receive the prestigious honour of being featured on the site’s Weekly Image Spotlight! This week’s lucky winner is the user “Inkers” for her drawing of the character of Mineto Mitsuyo in female format, pictured below.


Character Spotlight

In public, Mitsuyo is a quiet and unassuming young boy. He keeps his thoughts and opinions to himself unless specifically asked, and even then he tends to dull down the quality of his answers in order to avoid drawing too much unwanted attention. The reason why is made clear whenever he is provoked into actual conversation, where he is quick to make himself out to be a complete jerk due to his crude language, firm beliefs, sarcastic and blunt manner, and overall antisocial attitude.

However, those who are steadfast enough to suffer his brazenness and become close friends with Mitsu know he’s merely bad at socializing, perhaps due to his extremely unusual upbringing…and the fact that he’s never made any friends. He’s almost comically easy to embarrass, and the main reason he keeps such a muted persona in social situations is to avoid making an idiot of himself (like, he would be quick to point out, everyone that lets their mouth run without thinking). Despite being highly intelligent, an astute observer, and a quick learner, his general lack of motivation and willpower means he often falls short of his peers anyway.

Since making friends with Tounyuu Kyuto, a spirited brunette whose outgoing nature helps to balance out Mitsu’s reclusive tendencies, he’s not only become more accepting of his shinigami duties and of people in general, but has also become a happier person overall — the girl acts as his anchor, cheering him up when his pessimistic attitude takes over. Although he’s loathe to admit it, Kyu is incredibly dear to him, and the fact that she is able to look past his harsh mannerisms and shallow insults makes her his favorite person to be around.


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  • Pablo  says:

    Now I feel stuipd. That’s cleared it up for me

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