Community Spotlight: Weekly Image Contest

The lucky winner of this week’s raffle is the user “lilmangoseed” for her depiction of the rebellious United Kanda Insurrection general, Orion Lycoris. Congratulations Mango, you’re now the proud owner of a shiny new collaboration bonus for the Halcyon Days RPG!


Character Spotlight

A charismatic leader, Orion compels people with his words, motivating them for battle and stirring them for war. Patient and kind, Orion is a natural leader who wields the respect and love of his people. He has lived in the Kanda region his entire life, training the men and women to become successful warriors. He has pushed his allies to become mentally stronger so that they will be prepared for the attack on Seireitei that remains only a few short steps away.

His biography, however, is a lie.

Orion was originally planted as an SQN member sent to rile the people of Kanda to attack against the Gotei. He neither lived within the Kanda region for the greater part of his life, nor was he heavily influenced by Melion’s attack. However, after he was assigned to the area, Orion has since fallen in love with the people and their purpose.

Not wanting others to realize his past as an SQN agent, Orion has denied his true history time and time again. It has affected his views and his behavior. Whether or not he can distinguish between his fake history and his true past still remains a mystery.

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