Collabrative writing and things I hate.

So, when two or more people get together to write a story involving character interaction, its a melting pot.  Of author personalities, of character personalities, ideas, and possibly even goals.  I’ve seen some good writing in this fashion, I’ve seen a lot more that makes me want to die.  No, I’m not a dramatic person.

Rule #1: Read other people’s contributions before adding your own!

Holy crap I can’t stress this enough.  Glaring, horrible errors result because people do not do this.  If you fail to adhere to this point, you end up with something like this:

“Its the fan’s fault!” – GL

Seriously, do you want to produce content that makes people question the validity of a classic experience that defined movie going for a generation?  If you do, ignore this rule.

Rule #2: Don’t care about what happens to your character, care about the quality of the product

That’s right.  I’m telling you that having some sort of motivation like:  “I’m the baddest of the bad, and the blackest black black to ever black my soul is black EMO” is worthless.  This is the drivel that I could get a junior high student to write.  Or maybe this guy.

This guy would write to “win”.  And he’d lose.  We’d all lose.

Rule #3: Have a reason

Putting a patch on your favorite pair of crochless panties is not a compelling reason for anyone to read what you’ve written.  Neither is taking a crap.  Be sure to write a story that at least YOU would bother to read.  Because if you wouldn’t want to read it, why would anyone else?


Rule #4: Feng Shui


Can you tell the difference?  I can.  If you can’t, go jump off a very tall building.

This translates into writing with a term called ‘flow’.  If you break the flow, as in, your collaborators are in a series of tightly woven action paced descriptives and your contribution is about how your character is pondering on a rock in the middle of a rock garden for five times as many words, well, you don’t have flow.  You just took a steaming crap on the creative effort of your co-authors.  You should get a job with GL.

There’s more to it than this.  Don’t be afraid to break tradition and interweave writing, or make pieces that aren’t the norm.  That’s good.  I’ll probably get into more nuance about all this later.  Maybe.  But for now I’ve got some work to do, lunch is over.

4 comments to Collabrative writing and things I hate.

  • The Van  says:

    P.S. If you feel insulted by this article, great! Take what it says to heart and attempt to improve yourself.

    P.P.S. The sprinkles are also cursed.

    • The Van  says:

      Stop reading Wikipedia and learn what Feng Shui really is!

  • Several Zombies  says:

    Feng Shui, essential to creative writing.

    • Nargles  says:

      You need to make sure your chi flows through the room and isn’t blocked by any tables

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