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Time Wasters of the Utmost Caliber

Sup everyone, by order of our benevolent zombie overlords (no really he beat me until i agreed to post) Here are Shade’s favorite sites to be random on:

1)  Manga Eden: Such a good manga site and now that most of the others have taken down content its my go to stop for all my manga needs. Contains a hell of a lot of series and is updated really quickly. Also they have Italian translations which is awesome.

2) Kongregate: Want a quick flash game to play to waste 5 minutes? Half an hour? The whole day? Kongregate is my go to source for when I need to game without having to get up and boot a console or drum up the energy to hit open on steam.

3) Science Memebase: I am a bio major, and above being an otaku I’m nerdy as hell...