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Lily Girls’ Review: Rinne no Lagrange

The biggest mistake you can possibly make is to see mechs and assume that Rinne no Lagrange is to think of it in terms of Gundam or Robotceh. This mech series has some genre definition issues: though it dresses like a mecha anime, it acts like a magical girl series.

Having lunch at the end of the world.

Having lunch at the end of the world.

Rinne no Lagrange is set in Kamogawa, Japan, a fact the Kamogawa tourism department is pretty thrilled by. The protagonist, Madoka (not that Madoka) starts by saving the life of a drowning child and having her school uniform stolen in the process. The uniform thief is Fin E Ld Si Laffinty, an alien with a rather unique greeting and a strange fixation of Madoka. Madoka declares them comrades, and so Laffinty (just call her Lan) says that it now is time for Madoka to pilot a giant robot...

Lily on the Road: Anime Central

The Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL


So, Lily Girls is more than just a series of reviews we write here for MangaDen. Koala, Kero, Mary and I put on programming at anime conventions around the Great Lakes region of the US. In this case, we took two panels on lesbians in Otaku media to Anime Central in Rosemont, IL just outside of Chicago proper.

Lily has been working for a while to convince vendors in Dealers’ Rooms in the region to recognize a parity between yuri and Boy’s Love. We were thrilled to see some cute and shippy things and yuri-themed series in the Dealers; Room selling well, hopefully this will inspire more importation of the kind of materials we love and support...

Lily Girls’ Review: Ga-Rei Zero

Here’s a story that should appeal a lot to our Mangaden audience. For all of you who get frustrated with how badly Bleach misses the mark, in comes the Ga-Rei franchise.


Ga-Rei Zero is the prequel to the Ga-Rei manga which I admittedly haven’t delved in to, but the Zero is about a series of people, part of an Agency, who fight monstrous departed spirits called Specters. Some of the weapons used to fight the Specters are remarkably clever, like Natsuki whose tires of her motorcycle are able to create barriers against the dead. The story focuses on Kagura and her adoptive sister Yomi who use katana as their weapons against the Specters. Yomi and Kagura are also from families who are known to be able to summon spirits to fight alongside them, called Ga-Rei.

IGa-Rei.Zero.full.154103f this sounds a bit like Blea...

Lily Girls’ Review: Kurau ~Phantom Memory~

Where Yuru Yuri was lighthearted fun, let me now give you so many feels.

Kurau.Phantom.Memory.full.1264432 Kurau is a tomboy in the cold hard future of Earth whose father is seeking zero-point energy. Also, Kurau is an alien. Or, more accurately, Kurau is possessed by an alien. See, Kurau’s dad gets her soul consumed and replaced by an energy being called a Rynax. Rynax exist in pairs, like being a couple but a lot more intense. Like, without their other half, a Rynax is basically constantly depressed. Kurau’s other half shows up and just kinda makes a body, which apparently Kurau was too injured to do. And Kurau’s pair gets named Christmas.  And Kurau and Christmas start being cute together.

Kurau and Christmas are beings of pure energy in human shells, which gives them all sorts of cool abilities...

Lily Girls’ Review: YuruYuri

Lucky star, but gayer.

Yes, that’s the promise of Yuru Yuri! This series follows the familiar pattern of a club of four girls, well two clubs of four girls and a couple stragglers. But the real point is this wild slice-of-life crazy funtimes is that all the ships are acceptable  Ship everything, regret nothing.  That’s what makes Yuru Yuri a great introduction to the Lily Girls brand of anime; so many lesbians so little time. Like typical all-girl  slice-of-life series (Kill Me Baby, Lucky Star, K-on!, et cetera), the cast is a collection of slightly crazy and quite colorful characters and the story is just the tale of their daily lives.

We start off by being introduced to the Amusement Club; a club that was started because Nanamori Middle School requires everyone to be in a club an...