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Collabrative writing and things I hate.

So, when two or more people get together to write a story involving character interaction, its a melting pot.  Of author personalities, of character personalities, ideas, and possibly even goals.  I’ve seen some good writing in this fashion, I’ve seen a lot more that makes me want to die.  No, I’m not a dramatic person.

Rule #1: Read other people’s contributions before adding your own!

Holy crap I can’t stress this enough.  Glaring, horrible errors result because people do not do this.  If you fail to adhere to this point, you end up with something like this:

“Its the fan’s fault!” – GL

Seriously, do you want to produce content that makes people question the validity of a classic experience that defined movie going for a generation?  If you do, ignore this rule.

Rule #2: Don’t care ...

Gei Rei Zero

Ugh.  This anime makes me sad.

The story is about people with the ability to combat demons and evil spirits “that defy the natural order”, in specific, two girls not related by blood who end up living in the same household and taking on a sororal relationship.  The series teases you in the beginning, making you think its going to be a sort of bleach-like series where the bad guys get cut up by swords and semi-shounen like behavior.

The cake is a lie.  While there’s some action, this series ended up reminding me of Blood+...