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AMV Spotlight: MEP Monthly – Nekketsu IMPACT !!

Welcome back to the AMV spotlight, and rejoice for today is another MEP Monthly session! Today, we cover something a little different about MEPs, namely about Editor Groups. I don’t really know a formal name for them, perhaps maybe an Editor Studio, but I won’t bother with semantics.

An editor group is essentially what it says on the packaging – a group of editors who create AMVs together, using each other for criticism, ideas, and of course, MEPs. They’re trademarked by usually having a logo of some type, which can be seen in the logo given at the beginning of this week’s spotlight Editor groups tend to create some of the most well-synched and well-coordinated MEPs, sheerly because they’ve worked together on other projects previously...

AMV Spotlight: Hit the Floor

Welcome back to another AMV Spotlight! Today we’ll be talking about one of the more specific effects you can use: masking.

Masking is performed when one takes a physical object (a vector) and places it in the foreground, while having a separate object in the background. This gives the illusion of both objects interacting or being in the same place at the same time, among other things.

Using masking is a fairly basic tool that is easy to learn but difficult to master. Many AMVs use masking as part of their transitions as evidenced in this AMV, but others use it to enhance a pre-arranged story they’ve made.

So, why is this a good AMV? Let’s consult the list:
1) I used this as a good example of masking for a reason...

AMV Spotlight: PonyNote

Welcome back to our weekly spotlight folks, this time we’re chiming in with the band wagon to talk about something a little less prominent in the genre: cross-media music videos.

I’m going to open by saying: Yes, it’s My Little Pony. Chill, it’s obviously a humorous AMV anyways. So here we go. Cross-media music videos (I’m just going to say CMV for simplicity) are a bit of rarity (see what I did there?) in the genre, mostly for the fact that it involves a lot of editing to be done.

Taking an entirely separate product, which can vary so radically in style, and trying to mesh it with another can create an easy route for backlash. Contrast only works if the styles are done in similar ways, providing an off-set theming...

AMV Spotlight: MEP Monthly – The Ultimate Hero’s Comeback

So here we stand after the end of our July spotlights, and something occurred to me. I haven’t covered MEPs yet! So this is my little way of including these gems into your weekly dose of Anime Music Videos. Since this will be our first one, we’re going to talk about MEPs as a whole and how they differ from standard AMVs.

So what is an MEP? Glad you asked. An MEP, or Multiple Editor Project, is strictly speaking an AMV made by more than one person. How this goes into a slight more depth than what can be expected is that you don’t have two people passing around the same clips and adding their own effects to it, no.

An MEP involves anywhere between (on average) two and ten separate editors creating sections of the MEP while operating off the same track...

AMV Spotlight: COLOLOR

Once again chiming in for our weekly AMV spotlight comes this short, but colorful little number. Today, we’ll be talking more about anime in general — specifically, how AMV’s are a little more capable of delivering a visual and audio product that can’t generally be matched by a lot of other mediums.

In anime, contrast is everything. Lines are to be sharp, well-defined and deliberate at all times. Similarly, the animation style is very deliberate and fluid. Every motion leads into the next one, almost always setting up the next point of contact. This creates a very sharp, well-portrayed movement...

AMV Spotlight: Noize

Continuing our Weekly AMV Spotlight is one that holds a special place in my heart. So for a bit, we’re going to talk about some of the common ways that an AMV differs from just taking some clips from Anime and setting them to music.

An AMV makes use of many effects, filters, and transitions to put together an entertaining and visually appealing result. Effects include such simple things as blur, noise, or static. Artists will often use effects to cover up pieces of irrelevant footage that gets in the way of the desired image, or to enhance the overall dramatic theme they are trying to enforce.

Filters are the bread and butter of an AMV. Filters provide a number of different tools which alter the overall physical look of a particular clip...

AMV Spotlight: Safety Dance

In the realm of AMVs (Anime Music Videos) there are a lot of categories to fill. Anything from dramatic, to upbeat, to sad, to epic can be subject of these little creations. Before that, let’s take a step back and really see what an AMV is all about.

An AMV, or Anime Music Video, is a fan-made creation that takes clips, photos, or other media from an anime or manga, and sets it to music. This is done exactly why you’d think it is, for entertainment. By removing all context from the video, and inserting their own audio, the creator is capable of telling their own story abstract of the original content.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about this particular AMV. I found this AMV while going through contest winners for an Upbeat category and, of course, noticed the title...

Community Spotlight: Weekly Image Contest

Every week, we select one image at random from Mangaden’s ‘booru’ to receive the prestigious honour of being featured on the site’s Weekly Image Spotlight! This week’s lucky winner is the user “Inkers” for her drawing of the character of Mineto Mitsuyo in female format, pictured below.

Character Spotlight

In public, Mitsuyo is a quiet and unassuming young boy. He keeps his thoughts and opinions to himself unless specifically asked, and even then he tends to dull down the quality of his answers in order to avoid drawing too much unwanted attention...