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Because Brown: Improbable Weapons Part 1


You know what I just don’t seem to understand? What is with anime, manga and video games not ever using traditional weapons at weapons? Instead, most creators decide to take the most mundane objects and decide to turn them into instruments of war. On the rare occasion that they do decide to use a legitimate weapon, they decide to push the limits of a weapon to an improbable state.

But, this does beg a question. What if? What would we need to do to take these items and transform them into actual, useful weapons?

#1 Children’s Playing Cards

To start this, let’s look at one of the most used ‘weapons’ in popular culture: playing cards...

Because Brown: High Speed Movement

You know, this might just be me. I doubt that many other people when seeing some sort of hyper-action anime or reading a super action-y manga end up thinking about this. I’ve always wondered what the hell would happen if someone in the real world could actually pull off the superpowers that so many popular characters could pull off.

This blog aims to point out all those things that just don’t seem to make sense in anime, video games, manga and even the real world. You know, it’s going to answer those great questions like, “What if I could breath fire”, or “What if I was thrown into buildings”. You know, those questions I know you’re dying to find out about.

First is one of the most common superpowers. Superspeed...