Autumnal Waterfall 8 – Trine 2 is Pretty

What is Trine 2? The sequel to Trine 1 of course. And of course, that doesn’t help you if you don’t know what Trine 1 is. Trine is a Lost-Vikings-like physics platformer. What is Lost Vikings? Get out of here.

No, don’t. Knowing what Lost Vikings are is not important for this article.

In Trine, there are three characters. In single player you control all three characters in one body and can switch between them at will. You can swap between them as long as they aren’t dead though reviving them is easy enough. Each character has different skills which you use to go through gorgeous levels. Most things with physics!

This is the title screen. In here, you can play around with characters for a bit though there’s not much to do. The pumpkin on the right bounces, the lanterns near the top can be moved by the wizard. The characters have all skills unlocked during the game.

Now there are three characters, each with their own unique skills and purpose.

Second (as he’s introduced second) there is Pontius the knight.

He is the fighter with a shield that he should really consider making his armor out of. That thing blocks knives, arrows, spears, acid, LAVA, almost everything. He is the easiest to fight enemies with and get through some flame traps. He can be upgraded to throw his hammer, have his sword on fire, have his shield chill enemies and have his hammer explode when thrown. The throwing hammer is actually very useful as it is a ranged attack that can break through barriers. The thief can do it do but it takes more upgrade points.

Pontius fears no boulder!

The combat in this game is simple but pretty satisfying. Enemies can be dispatched through simple slashing or through more devious means. Enemies actually will hit each other with attacks if they are in the way. Usually ranged enemies will be mixed in with melee meaning you need to constantly block or dodge arrows. Upon dying, they ragdoll and that’s always fun.

The third character is Zoya the thief entrepreneur.

I find her the most fun to play. She has a mixture of combat and movement. Her movement is mainly the grappling hook that can grab onto any wooden surface somewhere above the character. It cannot be aimed down.

She fights with a bow that can be upgraded with frost arrows or fire arrows. Bows require time to draw fully where they will shoot further, do more damage and all that nice stuff. It makes combat a bit more interesting than charge in and slash until everything is dead.

And firstly is the Wizard, Amadeus.

His skills are more along the lines of screw this puzzle, time to break it. In the world of platforming, being able to create your own platforms or manipulate already existing platforms is a powerful tool and that is exactly what he can do. He makes boxes, more with upgrades, or planks.

Also with an upgrade, he can levitate enemies. Levitating is pretty much his only combat tool. Either levitate enemies into other enemy fire or into all sorts of hazards. Another way to defeat enemies is to drop heavy objects on their heads. Like so.

Trine 2 is an awesome looking game I think. It is absolutely gorgeous and blooming like a mobo. Here is a nice scenic shot just showing off some of the… scenery.

I’m not on the highest graphics so it could be a bit better I guess. The background detail is amazing, interesting to look at and varied. There are all sorts of stuff that happen back there if you pay attention to it. Throughout the game, I am constantly impressed by the visuals and the animations. It is all very lush and colorful. And there is a ridiculous amount of bloom in the game.

Seeing it in game is even better than the screenshots really.

Next time, I will talk more about the platforming and puzzle aspects.

Also, here is plot!

Yes, this is plot. I won’t talk too much more about plot though. It’s there, it’s alright. It’s mostly just an excuse to go to fantastic locations.

Here is the Trine 2 wesbite.

Trine 2 is also coming out with a Director’s Cut on the Wii U. It has a few new levels and each character has new abilities. I don’t currently plan on getting a Wii U so I can’t get it. Sad Face.

And I leave you with White Tiger!


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