Autumnal Waterfall 7 – A Hate Story

What did I know about Analogue: A Hate Story before I bought it? It is a visual novel.

That is it. That is seriously it.

Some more information I found out later. It’s written by Christine Love, who has a few other visual novels that are free for those that want to download it. Digital: A Love Story and Don’t Take it Personally Babe. I have not tried either one yet since I’m still working on this one. I don’t think any of the stories are direct sequels or such. And this is the link to Analogue: A Hate Story.

So I got it and played it for a while. As it is a visual novel, I won’t spoil the story too much, just give the basic setup. Also, since it’s a visual novel, most of the pictures in this article will also be text. Because I heard you like to read. So I put words in your pictures. Dawg.

In the future, you are sent to a derelict space ship to recover logs and find out what went wrong with it. What happened to the people on board and all that stuff. The space ship is like a small community where people live with the purpose of finding new settlements.

This is the basic intro. Like I said, I hope you like to read your pictures. And remember, you can click the pictures to do to a direct link where it is larger.

Now instead of moving around and all that, you pretty much work at a terminal so you are looking at a computer screen. At least for the part I’m up to, I interact with the ship AI who is of course, a cute girl.

Command line!? This is the terminal from where you can access the gui. When first entering, the ships AI is inactive so you need to turn it on first. Also to free logs, you need to get access to the administrator password.

This is the ship’s AI. Hmm, something curious to notice if you’ve been paying attention to the pictures. Not going to say until later though.

It works a bit different from a normal visual novel. Most of the story is given through the ships logs and reading certain logs while talking to the AI will unlock more logs.

This is the screen where you can access logs, talk to AI and stuff.

The logs do not come in order. When I was just starting out, I was really confused what was going on since the logs start somewhere in the middle. Also, and this is just me, not any fault of the game, but the names are all in Korean. Why is that a problem for me? Well, I can’t immediately recall if I’ve read and where I’ve read a name before.

If I see a Mary in one log and a Mary in another log, I’ll know that it’s the same person. It also works with Japanese names since I’ve read so much manga. But with Korean, if I see a Kim Yeong-Seok here and I see it again there, I won’t immediately make the connection that it’s the same person. I might not even remember I’ve seen the name before.

It does get easier as I get deeper into the story though. It also gets easier to understand as more and more logs are unlocked.

Here is an example of one such log.

There are heavy misogynistic tones in the story. In the future, while living in an enclosed society, somehow everyone reverted back to the old ways of treating woman. Such as they are expected to be subservient, are not given proper educations and all that. Even in the first part I’ve played, the logs are thick with the stuff.

There is a sense of mystery that makes me want to read further. So far, as long as you can get past the starting confusing, it’s pretty good.

Why is it year 1? I dunno. Also, characters might not be as they appear. Hmm. *Rubs Chin*

After digging through some logs, I finally found the admin password! Gotta go back to the terminal to use it. Also, if you remember I said there was something curious before? I’ll point it out know. The ship AI I’ve been interacting with is called Hyun-ae yet my instructions were to talk to a Mute. Hmm.

With the admin password, I can access Mute, aw yeah.

Though if you have been paying attention to the command names, I actually typed the command wrong… It’s supposed to be enable_ai mute, not enable mute. What followed was nothing but an epic error message Woopsy. Oh well, you don’t get to see Mute.

I haven’t gotten too far into it yet but I do like the style and futuristic interaction method.

It costs $10 and the website is here. It is also available on Steam.

Now, I leave you with Hate. Believe it or not, the entire song is in English. The band has the most ridiculous accent though. There are lyrics on the info if you really want to know what the song is about. The song does get a little funny once you know what they’re singing about.

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