Autumnal Waterfall 6 – Steeling Steelport

Yay banner! It’ll be back every once in a while to aid you in remembering what you’re reading.

I’ve been doing some other random things that is in no way constructive to getting through the game of Saint’s Row The Third.

And last time, I realized that I didn’t say much about the game itself so I’ll try to say a bit this time while showing you random pictures.

I’m certain you all know this already but for the sake of completeness, I’ll tell you stuff about the game anyway. Saints Row is a sandbox style game. That means you have great freedom to do what you want and ignore the plot if you want. You may level up to 50, buy all the upgrades and stomp through the game easily if you want. The game gives the player a lot of freedom to have fun.

For instance, here I am stealing a garbage truck.

Why? Who cares. And yes, bitches better watch out. Back of the truck knows what it’s talking about.

The combat system of the game is very solid. Though sometimes I think it takes a bit too many bullets to kill someone if they aren’t headshots and you need to readjust after a few shots since enemies spin around like crazy while getting shot.

Shooting while driving, not particularly effective but really fun. Especially if you decide to chuck explosives such as grenades of molotovs out the window. Though be careful, I blew up my own car so many times with molotovs.

It seems like the police don’t like it when psychos drive huge automated vehicles.

The plot of the game is simple but it’s presentation is absolutely off the wall. Some people feel it is a step too far in the silly direction from the previous Saints Row games but I like it. Clones and zombies man, clones and zombies. There are serious sandbox games and there are ridiculous ones.

Get off my back cops!

Anyway, I have played Saints Row 2 but not Saints Row. I might talk about Saints Row 2 later but don’t expect any pictures from it.

One thing I like about crazy games like this is that they can introduce anything and the player will accept it. Introduce anything within reason. Or not. Without DLC, the game already has some strange things such as a megaman blaster. The DLC gives you some other crazy stuff.

Anyway, I haven’t given up on getting my hands on a vehicle the police don’t want me to.

Entering a restricted zone, aw yeah.

I think I’ll take this puppy out for a spin.

What? Those custom made guns? That’s not a glitch, that’s what they actually look like.

I also enjoyed the characters in this game. Just like everything else, they are presented wildly. Unlike the last game though, the boss this time seems to be mostly just reacting to the crazy stuff your gang members or the enemy gang members are doing.

Also, Shaundi changed a lot between 2 and 3. I liked her in 2 better honestly.

Anyway, you aren’t going to stop me from getting the helicopter. Eat hot lead army!

Disclaimer: I do not condone stealing an assault helicopter and attacking men and women who serve with it.

I’m invincible, hahaha! No one can stop me now!

What the crap!?!? Mayday, mayday. Abandon da chopper.

Too late. I got blown up along with the helicopter.

Well, guess I’ll leave you with some other comments then. The city of Steelport looks nice and there is a great lot of variety of places but somehow, it doesn’t feel as alive in comparison with the city of Stilwater in Saint’s Row 2.

Exploring around Steelport and you will still find a lot of funny (or awkward stuff). Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture but I did find a bunch of old dudes hanging out with a box of sex dolls in a cave by the cliff. Yeah…

Oh, hey wait.

I’m back and feeling the morning sun! Just one easy payment to the hospital and they’ll recover your mostly dead burning carcass, stitch you up, graft you some new skin and even give you a new panda suit. Now you know my secret. Underneath the panda suit is a horribly mutilated person.

Just Kidding! Though I’ll never show a screenshot of my actual character.

Now, one last thing before we leave. Ho, where’s my money?

Disclaimer: I do not condone violence against the hos.

And I leave you with this from youtube.



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