Autumnal Waterfall 57 – Mell Melánge 2, The accent is on the wrong letter

Well, time for another blog post. Geesh, what can I say? It’s mostly been making puzzles, designing boss battles and making locations. Ugh, my brain gets fried at times, and I just do stuff without thinking things through. I’ve put in number puzzles, pushing puzzles, not as much item puzzles, though. Due to the open-ended nature of the game, I find that item puzzles aren’t as good. Another reason is that in most adventure games, you mostly have item puzzles because the protagonist can’t do certain things. In this game, the protagonist can, and will, cut the knot.

Check it, revamped versus screen

It seems as the game goes on, I need to struggle more to remain motivated. Seeing the end in sight keeps me going, though. I still plan to include optional bosses, but most of the main bosses are getting there. I just need to think up of more puzzles, since that is the main purpose of the game. And things that are workable within the graphics I can find, too.

Which reminds me, though you don’t know it, I finally found face portraits for some of the characters. They simply had placeholders before. I’m quite happy about it.

Ice sliding puzzle.

My favorite part of the game is making the characters, though. Mostly Platine and the bounties. Out of the bounties, I do have some favorites. Am I supposed to like them all equally? I do like them all, but some more than others. I think it also shows by which ones I tend to give more story plot.

In the first game, my favorite one is Tal Tal. I actually really like Ebine, despite her having probably the lowest story relevance of all.

For the second game, my favorite two are Iscia and Haleh, which is why they have slightly more interaction with Platine than the other bounties. Minor spoilers: There are hidden scenes with both of them if you do certain things. The black level bounty, Ain, has the most interaction with Platine, though.

Ain and friends.

Iscia and Haleh were the first two bounties for the second game I created.

Well, that’s about it for now. Have some more pictures followed by a boss battle song.

Something bad has happened here.

Ice puzzle, with boulders!

The Showdown

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