Autumnal Waterfall 56 – Mell Melange 2, 3


Time for a quick update on Mell Melange 2! Well, not really. Just a couple of screenshots because I am not sure what to talk about. Four of eight bosses are done!

4 of 8

The concept for the first game originally came from No More Heroes. It also influenced my love of have black silhouette characters with white outlines. I wanted to create people that were mass murderers, yet amusing to watch and interact with. I sort of downplay how most of the bounties are mass murderers >_>. They certainly are not imprisoned in anything near close to good security, giving them plenty of chances to get out.

Sneaking into an office.

Platine is also aggresively nonchalant about the entire affiar, so she’s not exactly all good either.

One thing that is really bugging me about the second game is the progression of story, and the fact that there is no overarching progress like the first game. This is due to the open nature of the second game. I can’t be certain when players will do certain things. I will add some cutscenes, though, which are not in yet.

I focused a bit more on the bounties and having it be a greater challenge to reach them.

Got caught.

Well, that’s all I wanted to talk about. Have some more pictures.

House in the woods.

Female bodyguards?

99 of them, count it!

And finally, how about a boss fight theme song?

Ice’s Theme


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