Autumnal Waterfall 55 – Mell Melange 2 Not Bothering with the Accent

Time for an update! Well, splitting my time between 4 project is hard. I’ve been doing Mell Melange as my primary for the time being. Then making up spells for this RP, then writing some character stories, lastly is working on my novel. I might reorganize priorities  later on. The making of spells is getting there.

But you’re here for Mell Melange stuff.

The third boss is nearly done!

Shopping mall screenshot.

The boss is Kilometer Trexa. For the battle, I’ve tried to do sort of a gun showdown within the battle system of RPGMaker. No melee attacks allowed!

In terms of bounty, he’s actually 4th highest, meaning that I jumped one boss. The reason for that is because, originally, the 3rd and 4th bounties were switched around, so I’ve always had it in my mind to do Kilometer Trexa at that point of the game.

Party at the mansion.

The 3rd bounty is now No Told Kevaro. In the earliest planning stages of the game, he actually had the role similar to Haleh the Cultivator, being the leader of a group of malcontents. In addition, Haleh was originally called Haleh the Death Kisser. She changed a lot from the initial concept. Haleh used to be a necromancer type character. There are now no necromancers in the game.

Just an attic.

Making the game goes pretty slowly because I need to do most things myself. In addition, I need to think up puzzles for people to do since the game is primarily an adventure game. There’s this new feature in RPGMaker VXAce that allows the player to select a key item from the menu. I’ve actually used it quite a bit, though I’m wonder if I should have? Any place that requires an item interaction will pop up the menu. And any item that breaks that rule, I tend to make clear since I think suddenly introducing new things that have never been used before is bad.

Trouble in the street.

One particular room I spent a long time on was me thinking on how to turn that area into a puzzle. I’ve tried a few thing and eventually just put in a bunch of boulders to push around. Everything else was potentially too time-consuming or requires a dedicated script to do.

The area leads to here.

A nice snowy town.

Well, that’s about it for this update. Maybe update next week. Maybe not.

Have some Harpischord

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