Autumnal Waterfall 54 – Mell Mélange 2

I’m back! This time, it is not my thoughts on a game. Instead, this is going to be about the sequel to Mell Mélange. The first game starred Platine, bounty hunting machine, as she took down 8 of the most dangerous criminals around. Now, she’s back in a new city, larger city. There, the threats are more dangerous and the prize reward even higher!

Game is still in development. This blog will detail my progress through the game as I make, and hopefully finish, it. Mell Mélange 2 is made in RPGMaker VXAce.

Not final image.

The game is a bit past the second boss right now, so instead of in progress shots, I’ll show some in game screenshots.

Graphics in progress.


Some changes I’ve made to Mell Mélange 2, well, it plays a lot more like an adventure game and less like an RPG. There is no levelling, no notable shops to speak of and what little equipment there are are mostly sidegrades. I figure that the random encounters from the first one detracted from the looking around solving puzzles experience. There are still monsters, but they are on field and pretty easy to avoid.

Now, with the lack of shops, how do you get healing items? Every time you return to the main city, you automatically fill up a backpack up to a certain amount. Therefore, you can’t just stock up on 99 of the healing items. Though I don’t think any dungeon is long enough to make resource conservation a huge issue.

These people? Not Black Level Bounties.

Like the first game, the goal is to figure out how to get to the 8 Black Level Bounties, the bosses of the game. They are the primary fighting focus. In a departure, I’ve decided to make the game open-ended. You don’t need to go through the bounties in any particular order. You can now choose which one to go after.

That’s supposed to be a bird’s nest.

It took so long just to make the maps and locations, and I’m not anywhere near done yet. My process is mostly to add it in when I need it, which leaves several unfinished areas linking to finished areas. It goes the same with items, skills and stuff, so they are in a completely random order.

Doing things in an open-world fashion makes it sort of hard to focus. Therefore, I’m just doing the bounties in order of their bounty value. The open-worldness also means plot doesn’t quite progress as well as in the first one, though certain bounties will have triggers instead of you just going after them.

This is a giant tree.

Graphically and musically, I take a lot of provided resources since I am not good at either. I still got to remember where some of the graphics come from to properly credit them. For the most part, I like having graphics and music in place because it adds to the feel of the game when I playtest.

Some skills now use items from the inventory.

How about some bounty introductions? I don’t consider the information spoilers since it is available shortly into the game. If you don’t want to know, though, feel free to skip to the end. Thus far, two are finished, the two visible in the title screen. The title screen will be updated as I get more bounties finished.

Iscia the Life Eater, 28,000 bounty. Iscia stalks through people’s dreams in a monstrous form. Slowly, Iscia drains their life as they sleep, eventually killing them.

Haleh the Cultivator, 35,000 bounty. Okay, this one is based on a pun. Instead of cultivating crops or anything like that, she runs a cult that kidnaps and sacrifices people.


A strange abandoned factory.

No Told Kevaro, 37,000 bounty. He, actually, is the last developed of the bounties. So far, I’ve decided to make him a blackmailing type of villain. That may or may not change.

Kilometer Trexa, 44,000 bounty. He is an assassin that specializes in sniping. He has over 100 (number might change) completed contracts. I’m planning on having a gun duel in between him and Platine.

Dance time!

Blast Master Ain, 57,000 bounty. Oh, um… spoilers from the first game. If you haven’t played it by now, woops! She is an explosion maniac constantly looking for cool stuff to blow up and is a general menace. Her, I’m having trouble placing in a suitable location. I’m sure one will come to me.

Abominable Karalyn, 60,000 bounty. She is planned to be the most openly vicious and evil of the bounties. For the others, they are sort of a light-hearted kind of mass murderer. She is going to be more serious.

The Galactic Bird, 100,000 bounty. Info????

Lobby of a powerful corporation.

If you remember the first game, the final bounty ended at 20,000. As everyone knows, bounty equals powerlevel. At least it’s how I balance how tough the fights are. Oh, and for those that are counting, you may have noticed I only listed 7 bounties but I said 8 earlier above. Hmm.

That’s about it for now. More thoughts and stuff later. More screenshots to finish stuff off.


Ooh, spooky.


As for music, I’ve moved away from anime songs. Have a listen to the track I’ve selected for Iscia the Life Eater.



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