Autumnal Waterfall 53 – One Finger Death Punch

Welcome to One Finger Death Punch, a two-button game. That’s right, it’s a game in which you only need two buttons. Like other games two-button games, Super Hexagon and Dive Kick, the concept is simple. And it’s addictive. I can sum it up in one sentence: Kung-fu action with guys coming at you from both sides and you pressing the direction button to kill them once they’re in range.


Get it on Steam.

The background seems way too non-stick-figure-y for my taste.

Remember a few years back that there was a stick figure fighting craze? Well this is that, the game. You are a kung-fu stick figure beating the crap out of a mob. Basically, this is all you wanted in a game when you saw the Xiao Xiao flash animations. Yep, everyone is a stick figure in here.

The gameplay is simple. You can’t move. You just stand in the center while enemies come at you from both sides. When they get in range, you click the left or right mouse button to kill them depending on which direction they’re coming from. Bam, that’s it.

Tiger fist!

The UI is cleaer and helpful in telling you when they are in range and what buttons you should click. (Keyboard and controller controls are also available). That bar under your character, when the enemy gets close enough, it will light up.

Now, does the game work? Absolutely. And not only that, it’s fantastic. This is not a rhythm game, though you’ll likely get into a rhythm while playing. This is a spectacle fighter in a two button format. Button mashing is punishing. The medal you get at the end of the level depends on how many misses you have, the less the better. Misses also leave you open to getting counterattacked.

Doing better will speed up the enemies, making everything more frantic and furious.

Ball of death!

This game is stick figure fighting that runs purely on juiciness, meatiness, crunchiness or whatever other term you want to use. What is juiciness? It’s the effect of making things awesome. It brings you from doing a simple punch to rushing forward, the world going into a blur and landing a bone-crushing blow that shakes the screen.

Slow-motion heart-rip. Juicy.

And this game is all the more awesome because of its over the top effects and action moves. A good responsive system that’s addictive and awesome is a great mixture of parts for a game.

To spice things up, there are different kinds of enemies and weapons. Weapons deal the same damage as fists, but they extend your range or, in the case of bows and  throwing weapons, give you a ranged attacks that one-shots any enemy.

Taste my hook sword!

Each weapon also comes with its own great animation.

Enemies come in color-coding. Green enemies take two hits to kill. So do the blue ones, but they also dodge to the other side so you need to hit two directions. There are much more varieties such as the duel enemy in which you need to enter a certain order of left and right attacks.

Making the effect even juicier is the constantly changing backdrops. Props and background gets dropped in every so often. And then the best part, you throw your defeated enemies into it, smashing it.

The game also varies it up with levels like the “lightsword” stage, where you start with and keep a weapon for the entire time.

It is a lightsword, remember that. Lightsword.

This game is pretty cheap, and currently 20% off until the end of the weekend. It’s simple, fast-paced and awesome. The great feeling of every kill doesn’t wear off. And it takes a good amount of concentration. Button-mashing is just asking to get yourself killed.

I leave you with my first survival score. It’s only going to get higher.

Also, I unlocked blind survival. Oh boy.

Get it on Steam.

Also, here’s a video about juiciness.

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