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Welcome to Paper Sorcerer, an old style RPG party quest type thing. It’s in the first person style where you wander around a dungeon, fighting monsters, building your characters and getting story. If I would have to compare it to something, I would say it’s similar in play style to Etrian Odyssey. Doesn’t help much if you don’t know what Etrian Odyssey is, so I’m going to give you some screenshots instead.

Get it on Steam and possibly other sites.

Look at those difficulties.

Yeah, the difficulty goes all the way back to 1980′s. Being a wimp, I chose Normal.

Oh indie games, you always do some weird graphics style. For the most part, it’s all aesthetically pleasing and a good way to make your game stand out without needing a ton of resources on graphics. For Paper Sorcerer, the style is reminiscent of being in a book, because you are trapped in a book. You, the sorcerer, are trapped inside a prison book.

Sinister but cute.

You wander around using you mouse to look at different objects. You go through areas and loot the rooms, like that one above.

As the sorcerer, you get to summon familiars to be your party. You have a decent list, but you can’t summon all of them.

I have probably made poor choices.

For my party, I chose the Goblin Thief, the Cultist and the Troll Assassin. Hopefully, this party isn’t too unbalanced. Almost everyone is squishy here. I think the healer is the toughest guy in the group.

Combat works in a simple turn based system with higher agility going first (I believe). It’s a throwback to the old days. There’s nothing fancy or tricky about it, just good ol’ turn-based.

Eat magic!

It’s not high on animation, but we do get an image or two of your characters attacking. Such as me using a magic on some fool.

Game play is pretty straight forward, so far. Walk around a dungeon, looking for the way out and looting stuff. All the while you defeat the guards trying to put you back into your cell. Okay, enemies don’t actually move, at least they don’t at the point of the game I’m at. They simply show up in the dungeon as black clouds. There are stealth enemies that don’t show up at all.

Totally have no just ransacked this place.

I think the graphics style is really interesting. The use of shadows and the parchment look of everything works nicely. It can easily shift between feeling solid and feeling offsetting.

Mm, stylized graphics.

Combat, as I said, is mostly simple, turn based stuff. Your special attacks work off energy and cooldown. A character has 4 energy and that doesn’t increase with level ups. Each turn, 1 energy is restored, though certain special moves also restore energy. Cooldowns prevent you from just spamming skills.

You also have a defense bar. When enemies attack, the defense bar absorbs part of that damage. If it’s empty, the full amount goes through. Combat does evoke the old-style feel quite well and doesn’t try to do anything more.

Super slash!

Anyway, after wandering around for a bit and going through some dungeon blocks, I come upon my first boss!

You shall not pass!

He is no match for my sissyness of putting the game in Normal Mode! After that, I come to a sanctuary run by other escaped inmates. There, I can shop, train my guys and even visit the catacombs, which is a bonus dungeon area, I think.

It’s all run by the Spirit of the Book, a mysterious entity helping me.

A safe place for escaped prisoners.

In order to escape, we predictably have to go through all dungeon blocks and beat up their bosses. I am okay with that. If you want an old-style dungeon-crawler, this one works well. Haven’t played Legends of Grimrock, so I can’t compare the two, but I think Grimrock is more complex and involved.

Let’s sally forth into the dungeon!

Get it on Steam and possibly other sites.

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