Autumnal Waterfall 50 – Valthirian Arc 2

This time, I am writing about a free flash game. I’ve done it once before here (insert link to hotel manager). The game is Valthirian Arc 2, the sequel to the fantasy school simulator. It boasts some cutesy graphics while having better gameplay than the first. Now, there are actual school grounds that expand and grow as your school fame levels up. You also have a staff that’s mostly there to add life and flavor to your school. Once again, you are a principal trying to run a school for adventurers and stuff.

Play it at Newgrounds here or perhaps other placed where flash games are hosted, too.

A nice, quaint school.



Valthirian Arc 2 is much more robust than the first game. It’s also not as fast paced. In the first game, you had to graduate a certain amount of students every month or so. In this one, not so much. You still graduate students as a way to build school fame, but it’s not on a strict timeline.

You also have school grounds this time where you can choose what rooms to build and watch your staff and students move around.

That’s not a clown nose!

The size of your school and what rooms you can make increases with the schools fame level. From the amount of empty space on the map, the school seems to be able to get quite big. And I really enjoy watching the little sprites just move around.

You can also equip and train your students in different classes. Each class has its own skill and ultimate attack.

Knight, one of many possible upgrade classes.

Your school has a personal blacksmith to make weapons and armor for your students. From there, you send them out to do quests, such as eliminate all monsters, gather stuff, reach a certain point.

Time for a quest!

Combat is much the same as the first game. You lead the students somewhere, they auto attack anything they see. Sometimes, the characters you’re not directly controlling will run off by themselves to chase down monsters. I worry for their safety at times

Hardened criminals, no match for kids.

Maybe I’m missing it, but there doesn’t seem to be any recommended levels information for quests.  Sometimes, I send my students in over their heads. I’m sorry!

Bears, totally a match for kids.

The little message the, um, I’ll call her the vice-principal, says doesn’t really help determine whether they succeed or not.

There are certain quests that seem to have plot going for them. They are denoted by special banners. I haven’t gone too far into them, yet. They do have cutscenes, which is cool. I’m too focused on making money right now. Need to build more classrooms and hire teachers!

The person on the left is the vice-principal(?)

Well, at the end of every semester, you get a report. Here’s my first semester report. There, you can also see my principal name and the school’s name.

Yep, that’s my Principal name and school name.

Not too much happening at the moment, but I’ll be looking to build a bigger, badder, faster(?) school. Valthirian Arc 2 is a good, fun adventuring school simulator that’s simple to play and comes with a cute visual style and sound effects. Thus far, there hasn’t been much strategy to combat, but I’m okay with that.

Play it at Newgrounds here or perhaps other placed where flash games are hosted, too.

Random youtube link. Well, no idea where this came from, no idea how I found it. None at all. Seriously.

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