Autumnal Waterfall 5 – SMNC Yo Store Edition

This is part 2 of my Super Monday Night Combat coverage so go read part one if you have not. Part 1 here.

Once again, there will be pictures.

But to start off, let’s list what can be bought with real money: Pros, taunts, costumes, boosts

What can be bought with in game currency: Pros, products, endorsements

One thing I will say I like about the store is that they just use straight money. No spending money to buy points kinda crap. In that spend money to buy points system, you must overpay to buy what you want and have leftover points. Sure you might get bonus points for buying more but I’m sure companies calculated that into the price already.

First off, most things you can buy with real money are purely cosmetic. They do not help you perform any better. The things you can buy with in game currency are the things that help you in game.

Products are passives that automatically activate once you are a certain level in game. You get 3 free starting ones. For example, one product that activates once your pro is level 2 in game is whenever you respawn, you get a short speed boost. Another example is when you die, you leave behind a bomb that will heal allies.

Endorsements are also passives but they are always on. They affect things like health regen, accuracy, critical damage and stuff like that.

At the end of matches, it is possible to get random presents that contain Products and Endorsements.

But I’m sure people would rather buy pros since they’re more interesting. Here’s a screenshot of the Pro purchase screen and it highlights some problems I have with the store system.

Every week or so (I’m guessing) 6 different pros will be in the free rotation, that is anyone can use them. There are a total of 16 pros right now. As you can see, the price for this guy is $4.49 or 6750 coins.

My problem with this store is that everything is pretty expensive. Very expensive even. That pro above is in the cheapest tier. The highest tier is something like 11250 coins.

Every win gets you about 120-150 coins. Every loss is around 50-60 coins. There’s a first win of the day bonus which is 100 coins (I think). So that would be about 50 wins to unlock one cheapest tier pro. Crazy.

Now each game tends to last sub 15 minutes, at least at my low, nooby level so it goes by faster than some other MOBAs but it is still crazy expensive. Cost of Products and Endorsements are a bit better. Endorsements range from 125 for the cheapest to 5000 for the most expensive. Products for from 2250 to 6750.

Let’s look at some bundle deals.

Great freezing whales with sales. That highlighted bundle is 52% off and costs $99.99 (normal price of $212.04) Admittedly you do get a lot in the bundle but still, just look at it. Most everything is on sale right now but imaging if they weren’t. Crazy prices.

Here is a picture of the Boosts

Yeah, their boosts go up to 500%.

Anyway, let’s see some of the stuff you can buy for pros since they are nice and fun.

These are the possible head option for Captain Spark

Mm, Captain Romance, just tape that rose on there.

On the side, you can see other categories. Torso, legs, flair (little symbols), taunts, weapons. Weapons are just model changes, they don’t do anything different from the normal one.

Here is a full costume for Tank.

Rawr, it’s a shark!

And now, some taunts, because the taunt animations are some of the most awesome things in this game. All of the costumes and taunts have free previews which is great.

Now, would you like some tea?

All taunt previews are fully animated, voice acted and with music (if applicable).

Well, that’s the store system. I think getting new pros is prohibitively expensive for casuals who want to get into the game. The costumes and stuff don’t seem too far out of line from other models I’ve seen.

Just for funsies, here’s my first match. Starting screen and ending screen.

I’m the guy in the middle on the top left side. Yes, my Steam name is Spetum

Victory! With 0 kills, 1 death, 1 assist. Yargh.

Read Part 1 here.

Once again, on Steam and here are the official forums.

And now I leave you with, Popular Potpourri

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