Autumnal Waterfall 48 – Stuff Time

Now it is stuff time! A time where I just decide to type semi-randomly and see what comes out. The topic will be on games, of course.

Last year was the year when Playstation 4 and Xbox One came out. I have neither of them. I also don’t own a Wii U. That means I have not played any of the new stuff that came out. Well, that’s fine, I suppose. Better games will come out later for the PS4 and Xbone, and I could possibly get them then.

I will say that I do really like my original PS3. Sure, it has less capacity than newer versions, but it also has full backwards compatability. That alone makes me like it more than newer versions.

I think my buying mentality has really been changed by Steam and Youtube. How? Well, I out of people’s common games of the year (Last of Us etc), I’ve bought none of them. Why? Steam and Youtube. Steam sales and it’s large catelog of fun Indie games have changed my perception on game pricing. $60 seems way too much now, so I usually want to wait until prices drop.

That’s where youtube comes in. Sometimes, I can’t wait to find out what happens, so I’ll just watch other people play. It’s pretty bad of me as games are meant to be played, not watched. I would do things way different from the youtube players.

That, and I tend to want to play on PC more. The most recent PS3 game I bought was over christmas, Disgaea D2, but the one before that, I can’t even remember. It might have been back in 2011. Nah, probably 2012, but I can’t remember it. Maybe it was Dark Souls? I didn’t get it when it came out, I got it way later.

But with a bit of will power, most games will drop in price after 1 month. Bigger titles might need to wait 2-6. I’ll still buy things I really want to play for full price, though, even though I know they’ll get cheaper soon. Waiting usually also gets you a better pack deal that includes all DLC, such as Skyrim having a legendary edition with all DLC for cheaper than the original price of the game.

Now, how about some new trends on gaming? Mostly, bad, I think. Microtransactions are on the rise for most games, for PC games, it is now common to sell incomplete games/games in testing. It must be working, since companies keep on doing it, and I’ll admit to buying small, cosmetic pack style DLC for games I like. I think game developing costs are always on the rise. Graphically, they look better, take longer, have larger teams, so it would be more expensive. As far as I remember, sale price only changed from $50 to $60 as the standard, so I’m guessing DLC is the way to make more profit while giving people the regular game without increasing prices.

It’s the same with selling early access for Indie companies. They don’t have enough money to wait until the full game is out, so they sell people access to keep going.

Maybe it’s because I grew up in the old days, when testing was done by random selection and most DLC stuff were considered unlockables inside the game, I don’t like them. It’s why I rarely buy small stuff DLC or buy into Early Access stuff. the main thing I’m worried about is that companies will head further and further down that path because it works.

So, what are my top five games of the year? I can’t recall one thing I played that actually game out in 2013. Some of them came out late 2012, others were PC ports of stuff that came out in 2012. This list technically includes games from all systems, but I barely played anything that came out this year. Looking through wikipedia just for ideas.

5) Heart of the Swarm – I know it’s actually an expansion! But it’s a pretty good experience for those that like RTS’s, and it come with the community made maps and stuff.

4) Saints Row IV – Rompin’ stompin’ fun. The gameplay is mostly the same as Saint’s Row 3. It’s great, over the top and full of flash, but it’s too fast-paced for me. Run in, throw some powers, throw some people, throw some bullets, run out.

3) Guacamelee! – This is a really great metroidvania style game. There is platforming in this that is so fun. Your attack abilities are also used to help you get through the level in such a natural way. Combat is also really good, here, and you can easily flow together impressive throws and combos.

2) Tomb Raider – Well, I really enjoyed this game. I tend to like games where you can scale the scenery. I dunno why, but I just do. This game has a lot of that, as well as great crumbling set pieces for you to get through. Combat is decently good, though overall, the game is easy.

1) Goodbye Deponia – The end of a great trilogy. This is a point and click adventure game with great atomsphere, fun characters and a deeply flawed main character that you want to root for, despite all his jerk tendencies. The entire deponia series is available for one pack now.

I’m sure Disgaea D2 would be here if I actually finished it, though. Unfortunately, it’s not. Other games I’ve been playing are mostly sales of old games, so they aren’t included. I mean, I just picked up Fallout New Vegas over the most recent sale.

I would also like to give a special mention to The Cat Lady. It came out last year, but I only played it this year. As a warning, it gets quite scary at times. It is also dialogue heavy and focuses more on story than gameplay. I do think it had a great and satisfying emotional arc going with the main characters. The game deals with a lot of dark themes, such as depression and suicide, yet it’s not incessantly grim and sad. There’s are lots of uplifting and badass moments in the game, too. And though it throws a tiny amount of humor, too, that is unexpected enough that I burst out laughing.

Well, that’s about it for my ramblings. Next time, Guacamelee!

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